Top Kurti Designs

Stylish Kurti Designs for all occasions

Stylish Kurti Designs are the most versatile pieces that work well for almost all occasions. Mostly popular in the sub continent from daily wear to occasion wear, from casual to formal, kurtis are the most fashionable pieces that work best as a daily wear.

No girl can deny the fact that a Kurti is the most comfortable piece of clothing a girl can ever have. Moreover, its easy to handle fashion which looks good on mostly every girl as long as you carry it well.

Here is a sneak preview of top 10 stylish trending Kurti designs in 2021:-

Top 10 stylish Kurti designs in 2021:-

1. Ethnic Style Kurti

Ethnic Style Kurtis are Kurtis that can be wore without leggings. This Kurti looks like an ethnic ensemble which makes it to top trending fashion style Kurti of 2021.

2. Floor Length OR Maxi Kurti

Maxi Kurtis are much in fashion these days. These Kurtis are of floor length long up to the ankle. Its up to you to wear a legging along with this kurti or not.

3. Asymmetrical Kurti

Asymmetrical Kurti is a Kurti which is not of the exact same length from all sides. These Kurtis mostly don’t have a side-slit in them. These Kurtis are much in fashion and go well with a Jeans or tights underneath.

4. Layered Kurti

These stylish Kurtis basically have two layers on it. Have a look at the layered Kurti here:-

5. Front-slit Kurti

Front-slit Kurti is a Kurti with front slit in spite of normal two slits on each side. Front-slit Kurti goes well with jeans, plazzos, and pants.

6. Side-slit Kurti

Slide-Slit Kurtis’s are Kurtis with one thigh-high slit on one side. These Kurtis look very stylish if wore on Jeans & Tights.

7. A-line Kurti

A-line Kurtis are much popular in young girls, specially college & university goers. These Kurti are fitted from the shoulders and widens as it comes down to the hem forming an A-shape.

8. Shirt style Kurti

Shirt style Kurtis carry a shirt-collar. These Kurtis are much stylish & comfy and works best as office wear.

9. Cold-Shoulder Kurti

Cold Shoulder Kurti is perfect for girls with heavy arms. This Kurti style makes your arm look thinner. Have a look at the Cold-Shoulder Kurti:-

10. High-Low/Fish-Tail  Kurti

High-Low/Fish-Tail  Kurti’s have different lengths of front and back. The front portion of these kurtis is shorter than the back one. This Kurti is perfect for all occasions. Have a look at this one:-

Which one is your favorite Kurti design? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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