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Yunhi Last Episode: Kim’s Heartwarming Transformation Leave Fans in Awe

First look of Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf starrer drama serial Yunhi

In the world of Pakistani television, Hum TV’s drama serial “Yunhi” reached its emotional conclusion with its last episode, leaving fans overwhelmed and deeply moved. The finale episode marked the remarkable transformation of the character Kim into Kaneez Fatima and showcased the exceptional chemistry between Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf. …

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Razia Episode 3: Razia’s Unwavering Excellence Continues

The official trailer of Mahira Khan starrer TV series Razia revealed

In Express TV’s captivating mini-series, “Razia,” we witness the transformation of a young woman who evolves from dreams to rebellion. The story revolves around Razia, portrayed brilliantly by Mahira Khan, a narrator determined to awaken the public’s conscience. With three episodes already aired, the series delves into the challenges faced …

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Jhok Sarkar Episode 17 Review: ASP Arsalan’s Ingenious Dodges and Peeral’s Protective Stance

First look of Farhan Saeed starrer upcoming drama serial "Jhok Sarkar" revealed

“Jhok Sarkar,” the HUM TV drama serial, continues to be a prime-time favorite, and episode 17 only adds to its intrigue. With brilliant performances all around, it’s Farhan Saeed’s power-packed portrayal that truly stands out. In this episode, we witness ASP Arsalan’s masterful evasion tactics as he cunningly dodges Meeral’s …

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Hira Mani’s Radiant Photoshoot with Husband Mani: A Picture perfect couple

power couples

Hira Mani, the renowned actress, and her beloved husband, Mani, have recently collaborated on a breathtaking photoshoot for Sunday Times magazine, and their chemistry and charm are simply undeniable. The power couple, known for their talent and charisma, radiates love and elegance as they grace the cover and pages of …

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Mein Episode 8 Review: A Rollercoaster of Emotions Unfolds

First look of Wahaj Ali & Ayeza Khan starrer drama serial ''Mein''

After eight thrilling episodes, ARY Digital’s drama serial Mein continues to captivate audiences with its intriguing storyline. In this latest episode, we witness a dramatic turn of events as Zaid’s life takes an unexpected twist. The fiery chemistry between Wahaj Ali and Ayeza Khan onscreen adds a captivating element to …

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Ehraam E Junoon Last Episode : A Heartwarming End

First look of Imran Abbas & Neelam Muneer Starrer drama serial Ehraam-e-Junoon

“Ehraam E Junoon,” the renowned Pakistani drama serial that graced our screens on Geo TV, has just concluded, leaving viewers both enthralled and satisfied with its heartwarming ending. The series, directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi and produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment …

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Mannat Murad Episode 1 Review: A Tale of Love and Family Dynamics

First look of Iqra Aziz & Talha Chahour upcoming drama serial

“Mannat Murad” Episode 1 unfolds a captivating narrative that delves into the complexities of love, family, and societal expectations. This Pakistani drama series introduces us to the enchanting world of Mannat and Murad, two individuals from contrasting backgrounds whose hearts beat in harmony. Watch Mannat Murad Episode 1 here:- Mannat …

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Bandish Season 2 Episode 20: A Horror Drama That’s Lost Its Spooky Touch

First look of ARY Digital's supernatural mystery Bandish 2

In the world of Pakistani television dramas, the horror genre has always been a captivating and thrilling choice for viewers seeking a blend of suspense and supernatural elements. ARY Digital’s “Bandish” entered the scene with much anticipation, promising a spine-chilling narrative filled with supernatural occurrences and eerie mysteries. However, as …

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Yunhi 2nd Last Episode: Fans Hope for a Happy Ending

First look of Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf starrer drama serial Yunhi

The popular Hum TV drama serial “Yunhi” is approaching its conclusion, with the latest episode being the second last of the series. However, fans are anxiously anticipating the ending, fearing it might take a tragic turn, and they are particularly rooting for Kim and Dawood to end up together. Watch …

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Fairy Tale 2 Episode 7: Farjaad is fulfilling Umeed’s all wishes

First look and OST of HUMTV Ramazan Play Fairy Tale

In the enchanting world of Fairy Tale 2, Episode 7 unveils a heartwarming turn of events as Farjaad takes center stage, becoming the wish-fulfilling guardian of our beloved character, Umeed. Throughout the series, Umeed’s character has captured the hearts of viewers with her unwavering hope and boundless dreams. In this …

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