Farah Essa’s Mesmerizing Music Leaves Us Inspired

Farah Essa is known for her multi-faceted career, known for her soulful voice and innovative lyrics, whether it be for her spiritual Hamd or enchanting compositions.

So far in her career, Farah Essa has generated notable tracks and cinematic videos to match the tranquil message of her songs. With powerful vocals, Dr. Farah has delighted the masses with resonating tunes that can be enjoyed time and time again.

Maula by Farah Essa

Video Credits: Farah Essa

With ‘Maula’ (2019) Farah Essa professes a strong connection to the Almighty, with significant imagery to accentuate the awe inspiring lyrics. We see the whirling dervish, Sufism and an emphasis on the beauty of belief in the protector, saviour and provider. With a relatively fast tempo, the deep meaning behind the masterpiece is highlighted.

Mera Mann by Farah Essa

Video Credits: Farah Essa

With ‘Mera Mann’, released in November 2020, Farah Essa engages the audience, reminding them of a loved one, or love lost while there is yearning for a return of sorts. Through her soulful voice, Farah has provided a magical rhythm with the lyrics to match.

Kaisay Guzaroon by Farah Essa

Video Credits: Farah Essa

‘Kaisay Guzaroon’ (2019) exemplifies emotion with a moving composition and relatable message which invokes a sense of loneliness, longing and sadness, in the most beautiful way.

Ae Ri Sakhi by Farah Essa

Video Credits: Farah Essa

‘Ae Ri Sakhi’ which came out in 2020, with its festive cinematography is a dedication to the cultural icon, Hazrat Amir Khusro. Beautifully written and executed, Ae Ri Sakhi takes us to another wavelength with its spiritual connotation.

Aey Rabb Ul Alameen by Farah Essa

Video Credits: Farah Essa

One of Farah Essa’s most notable pieces to date is a wonderful Hamd which was decided in the Holy Month of Ramadan. ‘Aey Rabb-ul-Alameen’ is a prayer, praising the Almighty for His bountiful blessings and more. With her melodious voice, Farah Essa salutes frontline workers, armed services and doctors working tirelessly for our nation, by portraying her own life as a doctor in this difficult period of time as well.

Farah Essa’s music emphasizes the importance of faith, love, kindness and lessons learnt. By using her position as an artist and creator to deliver soulful renditions and symphonies that awaken the senses.

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