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Voice Over Man meets superstar Mahira Khan


The latest internet sensation ”Voice Over Man” gets candid with superstar ”Mahira Khan” in this hilarious set of interview. This one was indeed much awaited after the previous set of interviews by the voice over man crossed over a million views.

These Series of Sexful Interviews by The Voice Over Man Cross Over 1 Million Views

Some of the privileged celebrities who have had the chance to be on the million dollar set of ”Akhter Ehteshamuddin” Aka ‘‘Voice Over Man” include Elnaz Norouzi, Adeel Chaudhry, Asim Azhar, Hareem Farooq, Yaser Hussain, Ayesha Khan, Kubra Khan and Ali Rehman.

Here goes the stunner Mahira Khan interview with Mr. Akhter Ehteshamuddin” Aka ‘‘Voice Over Man”:-


Good Question with Voice Over Man is Conceived, Written and hosted by Wajahat Rauf. This is a comic series of interviews with celebrities who have a sense of humor and agree to do these no holds barred sessions without any prep.


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