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With the recent technological advancements in the digital world, people have grown fond of reading news related blogs and updates online. With so many forums for local and international news, the only thing that was missing from the scene was a legal content provider. That is when took the challenge of arranging for quality legal content. The purpose was to provide for a single platform where they can enjoy videos and original content direct from the source. – a venture by ATV, founded in 2016 is the brainchild of Arpatech Technology Ventures.Created to attend to the increasing demandsfor a platform that can replace YouTube fair and square, has achieved remarkable growth in a limited span. Fulfilling the dire need for an online video portal that paves way for an extensive video library of all major events locally and cover most of the latest international endeavors.

Within just a few months after the official launch, the online video portal has become the go-to digital platform for watching videos, sports, news – breaking news, dramas, local happenings, international events, politics and much more.

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Platform for Legal and Original Content

Displaying hand-picked and legally acquired content after complete moderation, offers an extensive library of videos of latest occurrences from the world of politics, entertainment, sports, viral videos, editor’s picks and much more. It acts as a single source of video content provider that allows you to watch videos any time. These videos are legally acquired from the original sources, which makes it a website free from pirated videos. strictly condemns illegal and pirated content. Thus, everything that you will ever see on its webpage will be 100% original.

Collaboration with Local Channels

Being an online platform for video curation, has collaborated with various local news channels to provide live feed. This gives viewer access to 24 hours of live content on the World Wide Web. One does not always have to tune in on the channel to get the exposure of the recent happenings in the country.

Most of the TV channel collaborations on include news. If live streaming doesn’t work for you, then you can switch to political talk shows where analysts investigate the current situation of the country. From Capital Talk to Off the Record, 11th Hour, KalTak, KharaSach to Zara Hat Kay, you can watch it all on

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Future Plans

Immense growth in the total number of visitors within just a few months since the launch, reflects the trust has earned. As a video curation website for all the local and international events, is also working on making its own videos with legally acquired raw footages. A new entrant and with unprecedented growth, strives for the best.

A Fresh Perspective to Journalism

It offers a brand new perspective to journalism with a virtual newsroom full of content optimized in the form of videos along with reviews and complete reports on the latest issues. As explore the possibilities of the digital driven world, one thing is for sure, viewers will continue to enjoy fresh and legal content from all over the world on a single screen.

Craving for some ideal information or just bored? Head on to to explore what’s really happening around you without committing the sin of watching pirated and illegal content. Whether you are at home or on the go, is the only 24/7 outlet offering legal news in Pakistan from across the globe.



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