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Shan’s most anticipated Ad campaign featuring Saalay Vs Daamad is here


Sometimes perceptions can blind us to the truth, but Sacha Zaiqa goes straight to the heart! Witness how hearts are won in this epic encounter between Saalay and Daamad.

My Ex and My Shampoo are so much alike ”Reflections on the Clear Campaign”

The most anticipated campaign of the year is finally here:-

Shan Foods wins big at the Effie Awards 2018

Shan’s ‘real authentic taste’ has captivated hearts and minds globally and continues to raise Pakistan’s flag high around the world.

Talking about their ad campaigns they outdo themselves with every campaign they release, like its done with the Saalay Vs Daamad nok jhok executed brilliantly. This ad is a breath of fresh air which also breaks the sterotypical concepts and also proves that man can also cook :). Another surprise factor that comes with this campaign is that there is no female model in the Ad yet it conveys the message spot on.

Shan – Khaana With Parosi TVC 2017


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