Razia Episode 3: Razia’s Unwavering Excellence Continues

In Express TV’s captivating mini-series, “Razia,” we witness the transformation of a young woman who evolves from dreams to rebellion. The story revolves around Razia, portrayed brilliantly by Mahira Khan, a narrator determined to awaken the public’s conscience. With three episodes already aired, the series delves into the challenges faced by Razia and the courage she finds within herself.

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Razia Episode 3

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From Dreams to Rebellion

In the previous episode, we saw Razia’s dreams shatter as her aspirations of cycling greatness were crushed. However, she emerges as a shining star in her academic pursuits. With a room filled with medals and shields, Razia excels in her studies. What’s ironic is that her parents, who once considered her a burden, now have a daughter who brings them immense pride through her relentless achievements. Razia is the one who is “Jo Maa Baap ka Naam Roshan kar rahi thee,” while her brother merely passes his exams.

Yet, the painful irony persists as Razia’s accomplishments go unnoticed by her parents, while her brother receives applause for his comparatively minor achievements. This glaring disparity is the catalyst that ignites the rebel within Razia.

A Harrowing Reality

Razia also faces harassment, a stark realization of the dangers her mother had warned her about. The narrator doesn’t mince words, using the metaphor of a dog and meat to highlight the issue. It’s not about whether the meat is covered; it’s about the insatiable hunger of these individuals who, despite being created as superior beings, choose to act like dogs. Thankfully, there’s a ticker that aptly reads, “Kutton se mazarat k saath” (Apologies to dogs).

The Struggle for Education

Razia continues to excel, topping her matric exams once again. However, her father’s decision shocks her – he wants her to stay home. His reasoning? He intends to send his son to an expensive and prestigious school, and he can’t afford to educate both of them. Frustrated by this continued disparity, Razia confronts her father, only to be met with anger.

Razia’s mother’s promise to make gold bangles from her prize money is a typical response in a society that often underestimates the importance of girls’ education and empowerment. The narrator skillfully underscores the significance of educating and empowering girls so they can stand on their own.

The Birth of a Rebel

The series strongly suggests that the suppression Razia faces ultimately shapes her into a rebel. It’s a poignant moment when she approaches Manno, indicating a shift in her character. The question that lingers is, “Who made Razia a rebel?” As the story unfolds, we are drawn deeper into Razia’s journey of self-discovery and defiance against societal norms.

“Razia” on Express TV is not just a series; it’s a mirror reflecting the struggles and resilience of countless women like Razia who refuse to be silenced and emerge as beacons of strength and change.

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