Razia Episode 2: Delving into Razia’s Journey

Express TV’s recently launched mini-series, “Razia,” continues with its second episode. The series is presented as a play within a play, with the captivating Mahira Khan portraying the enigmatic narrator, whose name remains undisclosed, leaving us to wonder if she’s narrating her own tale. Mahira Khan has truly excelled in her role, bringing it to life with her incredible energy and captivating charisma. In the previous episode, we were introduced to Razia, a girl who appears unwanted in her parents’ lives. In this latest episode, we delve deeper into the hardships faced by this unfortunate girl.

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Razia Episode 2

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In this Episode

The serial unfolds with Razia’s story, now a grown-up, displaying remarkable prowess in cycling, a skill she honed by redeeming rewards from Cola bottles. Her enduring friendship with Mannu continues to thrive, their bond growing stronger over time. Razia’s talent shines as she outpaces the boys in her neighborhood with her cycling abilities, and she dares to aspire to win a gold medal in cycling.

However, her dreams are abruptly shattered when her father utters, “Razia Bari ho gayee hay,” implying that she should now stay at home. Confused and baffled, Razia attempts to understand the meaning behind these words. She inspects her clothes and size, unable to comprehend how she has become “Bari” (grown-up). Seeking answers, she questions her mother, who warns her about lurking malevolent individuals outside, prompting her to hide indoors.

Razia silently endures this restriction, eventually conveying to Mannu that “Wo ab bari ho gayee hay,” but the boy, too, fails to grasp how he has remained “chota” (small). The differential treatment meted out by Razia’s mother, particularly her brother receiving the coveted chicken leg, begins to wear on Razia’s patience. The narrator draws some controversy from the audience as she boldly juxtaposes a chicken’s leg with men’s obsession, making a provocative connotation.

In an attempt to protect herself, Razia calls the police to report the evil people her mother warned her about, believing herself to be in danger. Unbeknownst to her, this act incurs her father’s wrath. Razia’s sole fault is her penchant for questioning. When her father tries to silence her by saying, “tum abhi choti ho?” she retorts, “aap ne hi tu kaha tha k Razia bari hogaee hay” (“But you yourself said that Razia has grown up”), resulting in a harsh slap from her father.

With her dreams now seemingly shattered, Razia appears to have given up, symbolized by the destruction of her beloved bicycle. The demise of her bicycle serves as a metaphor for the death of her aspirations. The future holds more challenges for the unfortunate Razia.

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