The official trailer of Mahira Khan starrer TV series Razia revealed

Episode 1 of ‘Razia,’ Starring Mahira Khan: A Compelling Tale Focused on Women

Express Entertainment has initiated a groundbreaking trend in television by introducing short series with powerful messages. We’ve previously experienced the mini-series “Aik Thi Laila” and “Gunah,” and now, we are presented with “Razia,” featuring renowned actors such as Mahira Khan, Momal Sheikh, and Mohib Mirza. The mini-series premiered on Express last night, immersing the audience in a captivating blend of vibrant visuals, music, and compelling storytelling right from its debut.

Mahira Khan takes on a unique role, while Mohib and Momal’s performances vividly reflect the pulse of society. “Razia” is both written and directed by Mohsin Ali and is expected to consist of approximately six episodes.

Watch Razia episode 1 here:-

Razia Episode 1

Video Credits: Express Entertainment

In this episode of Razia

Mahira Khan presented a striking departure from her previous roles in her career, showcasing a distinct transformation. Meanwhile, Mohib Mirza reunites with Mahira after their collaboration in “Sheher e Zaat.” Momal Sheikh delivers an exceptional portrayal of her character, earning admiration from the audience, especially for the endearing young Razia.

Fans have been captivated and a sense of curiosity has been cultivated. Let’s observe the unfolding journey of Razia’s life and whether the audience continues to connect with both the character and the narrative.

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