Know More About Mahira Khan’s Latest Project ”Razia”

In a sneak peek promo release of the upcoming first episode, set to premiere on September 14th, Mahira Khan’s dialogue delivery is nothing short of spine-tingling, providing a profound insight into the gravity and stark reality of her words.

Razia Episode 1 Promo

Video Credits: Express Entertainment

Curious to learn more about Mahira Khan’s latest venture? Continue reading to uncover all the intricate details about Express Entertainment’s forthcoming limited series, “Razia,” scheduled to commence on the 14th of September.

Razia Teaser

Video Credits: Express Entertainment

The teaser trailer for the limited series “Razia” has piqued the audience’s curiosity, offering a glimpse into a narrative centered around women and adorned with poignant, witty one-liners. Spanning generations, the story of Razia, and the young girl at its heart, invites us to immerse ourselves in the journeys of countless women who will be watching from the other side of the screen—perhaps, all of us.

The creators, Mohsin Ali and Hina Aman, are not merely dreamers but also dream-realizers. Consequently, the drama serial “Razia,” though filmed in the rustic landscapes of Kotri, is affectionately referred to by the creators as “Khwaab Nagar”—a small town where every girl can manifest her dreams!

The meticulously crafted set is entirely new and handcrafted, boasting a color palette predominantly featuring burgundy, complemented by whites and blacks. Yes, Mahira Khan’s attire was also a carefully curated part of the overall design process (more on that later).

“Khwaab dekhtay hain, dekha karen, zaroor pooray hotay hain” — Writer-director Mohsin Ali shares his philosophy and inspiration behind “Razia.” Is Razia the story of girls who let their dreams remain unfulfilled, incomplete, or “adhooray khwaab”? Or perhaps, is Razia the tale of girls who ensure that their dreams are never abandoned?

Producer Hina Aman was deeply moved by the story when it was first narrated to her nearly three years ago by writer Mohsin Ali. However, when these two creative minds united, they contemplated giving the story its own unique storyteller. Through powerful imagery, artistic illustrations, captivating visuals, and set design, the narrative took shape, with the voice of a solitary yet charismatic storyteller breathing life, tone, and atmosphere into the tale, almost transforming it into a finely sculpted work of art.

This creation was adorned with visually appealing animations and state-of-the-art graphics, offering a story that doesn’t feel like “just another story” but rather “THE Story,” one that could potentially redefine not only the script but also the art of storytelling itself!

Will “Razia” pave the way for a new form of storytelling? We’ll have to wait and see if its ripple effect inspires others to elevate their creative processes.

Mahira’s final look aimed to exude a “girl-next-door” vibe—ethnic yet contemporary, relatable yet charismatic. The outfit was meticulously curated by producer Hina Aman and art director Nisa Karamatullah, with the ultimate selection receiving Mahira’s seal of approval. Towards the end, the team narrowed it down to multiple options of waistcoats and kurtis, from which Mahira chose the final look.

“To cast the young Razia, we conducted multiple auditions, with many television star kids auditioning as well. However, we ultimately decided to tap into raw, unexplored talent, visiting homes in search of our young protagonists. Most of our child stars are newcomers with limited acting backgrounds, performing for the very first time,” shares writer-director Mohsin Ali about the casting process for Razia.

Eager to learn more? Well, you’ll just have to tune in! So, mark your calendars for the drama’s premiere on the 14th of September at 8 pm, every Thursday, exclusively on Express Entertainment—experience “Razia,” the pure art of storytelling with a purpose!

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