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Bandish Season 2 Episode 20: A Horror Drama That’s Lost Its Spooky Touch

In the world of Pakistani television dramas, the horror genre has always been a captivating and thrilling choice for viewers seeking a blend of suspense and supernatural elements. ARY Digital’s “Bandish” entered the scene with much anticipation, promising a spine-chilling narrative filled with supernatural occurrences and eerie mysteries. However, as the drama reaches its 20th episode, it seems to have drifted away from its initial promise, becoming more of a family drama with a diminishing focus on the spooky elements.

Bandish Season 2 Episode 20

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One cannot deny that “Bandish” boasts an impressive ensemble of talented actors who deliver compelling performances. Still, the primary issue lies in the execution of the horror plot, which has taken a back seat in favor of family conflicts and interpersonal dramas.

In the most recent episode, viewers witnessed the necromancer sowing seeds of doubt in Sameer’s mind regarding his own mother’s involvement in black magic practices. This revelation left Sameer in a state of denial, torn between his love for his mother and the unsettling accusations made by the mysterious necromancer. However, it’s worth noting that Sameer’s character does not fully embrace the supernatural aspect, maintaining his normal demeanor and a cordial relationship with his mother.

Meanwhile, Minahil, a character who should play a significant role in the horror aspect of the drama, takes an unexpected turn by insulting Ahmer’s parents and rejecting his proposal for Armaan. This sudden change in Minahil’s behavior raises questions about the influence of Farhana Chachi’s black magic on her character. Minahil’s unwavering resolve in her actions suggests a deeper connection to the supernatural world.

On another front, Rabail faces her own set of troubles as she suspects her sister-in-law, Irsa Bhabi, of having a sleepwalking disorder. Her concerns lead her to urge Hisaam to seek psychiatric help for Irsa Bhabi. However, the question remains: Has Hisaam truly been convinced by Rabail’s claims, or is there something more sinister at play in their household?

Humaira, a character who seems to be perpetually suffering, finds herself in yet another troubling situation. Hoorian, under the alleged influence of Farhana Chachi’s black magic, accuses her dadi of beating her when, in reality, Humaira had only scolded her. This false accusation not only creates tension within the family but also weakens Humaira’s position in Sameer’s eyes. It appears that Farhana’s dark practices are gradually gaining the upper hand, leading to an atmosphere of fear and mistrust.

As “Bandish” continues to unfold, viewers are left wondering whether the drama will reclaim its horror roots or if it will continue to prioritize family conflicts over supernatural elements. With a talented cast and a potentially engaging plotline, the show still holds promise, but it needs to strike a balance between family drama and the eerie mysteries that initially captured the audience’s attention. Only time will tell whether “Bandish” can recapture the spookiness that made it a standout in the world of Pakistani horror dramas.

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