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Bandish 2 Episode 19: Sameer and Waniya Develop a Belief that Humaira Has Enchanted Them with Black Magic

Bandish 2, the ARY Digital drama series, has now reached its 19th episode; however, it still struggles to capture the chilling and suspenseful essence typically associated with horror shows, instead gravitating towards a more family-oriented narrative. The cast continues to deliver praiseworthy performances. In prior episodes, we observed Sameer and Waniya turning to a purported spiritual guru for help, only to discover in this episode that he is, in fact, manipulating and deceiving them. This cunning necromancer has successfully planted seeds of doubt in Sameer’s mind, leading to a growing rift between him and his mother.

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Bandish 2 Episode 19

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Bandish 2 Episode 20 Teaser

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In this episode

Rabail’s health is improving, and it appears to be quite a stretch to hospitalize her solely due to low blood pressure. Hisaam paid her a visit at the hospital, seemingly burdened with remorse for his past behavior. He made an effort to reconcile with her, which led Rabail to go along with him against her mother’s wishes. An additional scene that may not have been necessary involved Rabail’s reaction to a medicine strip, where she questioned her sister-in-law harshly.

Meanwhile, Minahil’s relationship with Ahmer has been strained due to the presence of Armaan. While Ahmer may come across as somewhat conservative and possessive, his concerns about Armaan getting too close to Minahil are valid. Armaan seems to have ulterior motives, particularly a desire to marry Minahil, a fact that Ahmer is well aware of. Ahmer’s possessiveness is somewhat justified, but Minahil’s rude behavior towards him has left him heartbroken. Ahmer has even offered an apology to Minahil for his behavior, but her anger still lingers.

Hoorain accidentally ingests Humaira’s medication, leading to her hospitalization for a stomach wash. In all fairness, it was Humaira’s mistake to leave the medication within Hoorain’s reach. Sameer and Waniya are not communicating with Humaira properly, and they decide to consult a necromancer who further misguides them. The sorcerer plants seeds of doubt in Sameer and Waniya’s minds, suggesting that Humaira is responsible for their troubles, accusing her of practicing black magic. Sameer is in a state of denial, unable to believe that his mother could be involved in such activities, but the sorcerer skillfully manipulates his doubts.

Farhana Chachi remains engrossed in her black magic practices, steadily growing in power. She has achieved a certain level of mastery and even exerts control over a deity. Armaan enters the house and is taken aback by her activities. Unlike his mother, his conscience is still intact, and he reprimands her for engaging in sinful and devilish practices. However, Farhana manages to convince him to align with her cause.

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