Are They Killing Faakhir Off In Khaas?

Khaas is a much-loved drama that airs on Hum Tv. The show has been grabbing eyeballs mostly because of its intense storyline and immensely talented star cast which includes Sanam Baloch, Haroon Shahid, and Ali Rehman Khan. It is nearing its end and fans are afraid the show’s makers might be hinting the death of the beloved character of Faakhir played by Haroon Shahid. 

Story Till Date

Khaas is the story of a young and ambitious girl, Saba who is married off to a very charming but narcissistic Amaar. Amaar tortures her emotionally and creates such a situation that almost everyone starts blaming Saba for their failing marriage except for Fakhir who also happens to be Amaar’s friend. Saba finds solace in Faakhir’s kind words and both quickly develop a friendship. Meanwhile, Amaar is busy chasing his past flame, Salma. He wants to get married to her but doesn’t want to leave Saba. We also get to know that Amaar’s sister Nida likes Faakhir and wants to marry him but he politely declines. In a fit of anger, she reveals the details of Fakhir and Saba’s friendship to their family portraying Saba as a characterless girl. Saba pleads her case with everybody but to no avail. Amaar also gets a way out. He divorces Saba and marries Salma within a week. Saba’s parents are also upset with her as they think their daughter has been having an affair. The story develops as such that after Saba’s divorce Faakhir wants to marry her and after many trials both get married. Finally, everything is well and Saba is living the life of her dreams. She is married to someone who respects her and adores her and her professional life is also booming BUT in their latest episode, the makers have shown us that Faakhir might die!

Faakhir might die?

Faakhir and Saba are expecting their first child and he has dreamt about his death. He talks to Saba as if he is not going to be a part of her life and he is very calm about this fact. Now Fakhir is shown as someone who is very wise and mostly knows what might happen in the future. Considering this fact audience fears his death and we would be devasted if that happens. I mean what is our shows’ makers beef with good husbands?

We sincerely hope that Faakhir does not die.

Have you seen the latest episode of Khaas? Do you think The producers will kill him off? 

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