Travel Saudi Arabia allows direct entry from six countries, including Pakistan

UK, US, and Schengen tourism visa holder’s can now enter Saudi Arabia with an eVisa

The Ministry of Tourism announced that the United Kingdom, United States, and Schengen tourism visa holders, as well as permanent residents from any European Union country, can now enjoy streamlined entry to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by applying for an instant eVisa via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

The preceding step is consistent with the Ministry of Tourism’s efforts to facilitate entry to the Kingdom for individuals who wish to visit it, allowing them to enjoy tourism destinations, participate in tourism events, and gain insights into the Kingdom’s heritage and historical depth.

Holders of a valid tourism or business visa from the U.S., the UK, or one of the Schengen states have been granted an exception, provided that the visa was used at least once to enter the issuing country.

The above mentioned exception grants the same entry rights to the visa holder’s first-degree relatives, as well as to those who have obtained permanent residence in the U.S., EU, or UK. Permanent residence holders also grant first-degree relatives access to the Kingdom via an upon-arrival visa at any air, land, and sea ports.

The amended tourism visa regulation stressed the importance of compliance with laws and instructions, such as carrying identification documents at all times.

The Ministry of Tourism also pointed out that tourism visas do not grant their holders the right to perform either Hajj nor Umrah during the Hajj season. ‘

The Ministry of Tourism urged those seeking more information about tourism visa regulation or access to a list of nationalities eligible to apply for a visa to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at

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