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My Journey of Weightloss


Uzair’s Weight Loss Journey

Imagine an individual with a weight of 112 kg and a waist of 42 inches. That was me until 8th November 2017. However, things would change for the better. Not only would my waist decrease to 93 kg and my waist come down to 36 inches but I have also reduced my HBA1C count from 7.2% to 5.0%. The journey was never easy but at the same time it wasn’t hard. On 8th November 2018, I had gone to nearest Hospital for a HBA1C or three months glucose sugar test. That evening, when I received the results, I was 100% confident that I would test negative for diabetes but the report disagreed. The report stated a reading of 7.2% which meant I was diabetic.  I knew I had to fight this. Unfortunately, diabetes can’t be reversed but can be controlled. There was no fighting back. However, after a few more test, I was told that I was pre-diabetic and had a chance to be non-diabetic. Putting first things first, I had to change my diet which consisted of high calories content and an average of 5 glasses of soft drink a day.

I knew I would have to change my breakfast with consisted of 3 sandwiches from the nearest bakery and a 500 ml soft drink. What to Eat in Breakfast ? Now, I would consume an omelette made from two egg whites, 2 Bran Bread slices and a glass of skim milk. Not a fan of eggs.

Before And After The WeightLoss Journey

How to Loose Weight ?

Click on the video below for Low calorie options for Breakfast :-

Imagine a Lunch of Chicken Biryani/ Chicken Karahi or any other fast food option. Yes, that would be my typical lunch. What to eat in Lunch ? In order to decrease my total calorie intake, my lunch would now be boiled food. However, meat lovers don’t worry there are Lunch options that contain various meat variety.

There is an old saying “Breakfast should be the heaviest meal and Dinner the lightest”. I never believed it but once changed my eating habits, I started to understand the importance of a light dinner and that too before 9pm.

The only difficulty I was having was the craving of Soft Drink. A few individuals did tell me to substitute soft drink with diet soft drink. That really got me thinking. Is Diet Soda really healthier than Regular Soda. In perception.. Yes. In Reality … No. Check out my research on The Harmful effects of Diet Soda.

Once the diet was straightened out. I needed to add exercise to my routine. Walk wouldn’t be enough. I would have to add some High Intensity Interval Training exercises. After a few research on the web, I was able to find the effective workout.

I know what a few of you are wondering. Instead of going through this whole hassle why not go for a shortcut like Diet Pills or Slimming Tea. Really ? Do you really think that is good for you?

Motivation to Loose Weight

You may be wondering that the lifestyle changes are hard and next to impossible. However, on the contrary, once you see the changes it becomes an addiction. After losing 2 inches you want to lose another two more and so on. Are you not tired of the condescending remarks of your colleagues and the constant “We don’t sell your size here” from Sales Clerks in clothing retail outlets? Now is your chance to fight back and gloat. For more information visit our page on Facebook or do call us.

Guest Post by: Uzair Lakdawalla



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