Yunhi 2nd Last Episode: Fans Hope for a Happy Ending

The popular Hum TV drama serial “Yunhi” is approaching its conclusion, with the latest episode being the second last of the series. However, fans are anxiously anticipating the ending, fearing it might take a tragic turn, and they are particularly rooting for Kim and Dawood to end up together.

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Yunhi 2nd Last Episode

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Yunhi Last Episode Teaser

Video Credits: HUMTV

In this episode

In the previous episode, viewers witnessed Kim’s decision to return to America, leaving Dawood behind. But in a surprising twist, Kim cancels her ticket to America when Basharat uncle suffers a cardiac arrest, feeling the need to take care of him.

As Kim begins packing her belongings, Dawood watches helplessly, never attempting to stop her. He offers to help with her bags, but she insists on carrying her own burden. Just as they are about to leave, Surraiya delivers the news that her father’s condition has worsened, and they need to call an ambulance. Kim postpones her departure.

Dawood is left caring for his father, who had a cardiac arrest. At the hospital, Dawood encounters Dr. Fizza, who, to our knowledge, is still single. Kim, known for her kind heart, abandons her plans to leave and starts preparing breakfast for Dawood and Basharat uncle. However, when she brings Dawood breakfast, she finds him engrossed in conversation with Dr. Fizza. Kim starts to believe that Dawood and Dr. Fizza make a good couple and even shares this thought with Dawood.

Meanwhile, Iqbal’s dream of working with wood has come true, and she will be assisting her brother in his furniture factory. Dada Jee expresses concern about what others might think of their daughter working in the factory, but Iqbal assures him that Zulfi is supportive of her decision. Zulfi and Iqbal set an example of a progressive and supportive relationship, with Iqbal emphasizing that public opinion doesn’t matter to her.

Kim’s bond with the family becomes increasingly apparent. She comforts Razia, urging her to stay strong for Basharat uncle’s sake and takes exceptional care of him, resembling a devoted daughter. This heartwarming gesture by Kim has left viewers hoping for a happy ending for her and Dawood.

While the entry of Dr. Fizza may hold significance, fans are expressing their strong desire for Kim and Dawood to end up together. They hope “Yunhi” will deliver a surreal and joyous conclusion that aligns with the nostalgic ambiance of the show. Above all, they plead for no tragic ending, but rather one filled with happiness and love.

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