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Yunhi Episode 32: Iqbal weds Zulfi

The Hum TV drama series “Yunhi” has reached its 32nd episode, and by this point, it should have reached its conclusion, but it seems to have extended its storyline considerably. The performances of the cast, especially the sizzling onscreen chemistry between Maya Ali and Bilal Ashraf, continue to impress. In the preceding episode, viewers were left wondering whether Kim would depart from Dawood. However, in this latest episode, it is revealed that Kim has made her decision: she’s returning to America.

Watch Yunhi Episode 32 here:-

Yunhi Episode 32

Yunhi Episode 33 (2nd last episode teaser)

In this Episode

Iqbal has finally tied the knot with her lifelong love, Zulfi. Interestingly, the credit for this union primarily goes to Kim, whose tireless efforts made this wedding possible. Nevertheless, Kim is not quite ready to address Zulfi as “Phupha” (uncle-in-law); in her eyes, he remains her dear friend.

The scenes that follow Iqbal and Zulfi’s marriage are beautifully portrayed, marking a significant moment as Iqbal, for the first time, openly shares her dreams with her beloved. Her dream revolves around a thriving career, specifically in the field of wood carving.

However, Kim has made a firm decision to depart after Iqbal’s wedding, having already booked her ticket. The announcement of her departure at the dining table leaves everyone feeling disheartened. Dada Jee insists that Dawood accompany Kim to America, as he believes married couples should not live apart. Little does he know that Dawood and Kim have decided to part ways, a development that disappoints those who were rooting for their relationship.

Dawood is resolute in not wanting to settle in the USA at any cost. His desire to maintain a relationship is hindered by the entry of George and, compounded by Kim’s persistence, has left his heartbroken. Despite Dada Jee’s stern directive for Dawood to go with Kim to America, as he previously married her in compliance with Dada Jee’s wishes, Dawood is determined to make his own choice. The potential for a tragic ending looms, while many hope for Dawood and Kim to find a way to be together.


Maya Ali

Bilal Ashraf

Behroz Sabzwari

Deepak Parwani

Tazeen Hussain

Tahira Imam

Manzoor Qureshi

Maha Hassan

Khaqan Shahnawaz

Uzma Baig

Saad Faridi

Laiba Khurram

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