Singer Ali Zafar explains how to combat Corona Virus in his own style

Ali Zafar and Danyal Zafar all set to rock the stage at Iqra University Karachi

Multi-talented sibling duo, Ali Zafar and Danyal Zafar all set to light up the stage in a live concert at IQRA University Karachi.

The powerhouse of talent, Ali Zafar will showcase his rock star skills and resonate the echoes of his swoon-worthy voice in ‘Heist Night’ presented by ‘Rang De Karachi’ at IQRA University Karachi.

Being one of the most cherished singers of Pakistan, Zafar never disappoints his audience, especially when it comes to performing live in concerts.

This time the fun will be doubled as the Zafar brothers are coming together and their fans can’t wait to see the sibling duo rocking the stage. Recently, the superstars took to social media and shared the poster of concert to keep the audience in anticipation.

According to Rang De Karachi’s Official Instagram page the much-anticipated event will also feature ‘The Hashtags’ along with Zafar brothers for the first time. The biggest music fest will take place on 28th May and those wishing to attend the electrifying concert can grab their passes from IQRA University Extension.

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