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Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Visit to Pakistan highly positive & progressive


Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Visit to Pakistan starts up on a highly positive note, completely optimistic and all set for a bright future if Pakistan.

The hashtag #CrownPrinceInPakistan kept trending since the aircraft of crown prince landed in Pakistan. Several thousand tweets and posts by people appreciating PM Imran Khan’s leadership and this friendly gesture rolled in with positive comments and excitement.

Highlights of the Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Visit to Pakistan :-

HRH Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman & Prime Minister Imran Khan witnessed historic moments of signing of various MOU’s between the visiting delegation and Pak Government officials ranging from energy,sports, finance, culture, tourism,import of saudi goods, power generation projects, agriculture & livestock.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan puts forward his agenda of being a people person. He requests HRH Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman to allow Immigration processing of Hajji’s in Pakistan and also requests to review and reconsider the status of imprisoned Pakistani’s specifically labor class languishing in Saudi jails and consider them as their own.

HRH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman also played his part in the Clean Green Pakistan program by planting a tree in Prime Minister House.

In response to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s request for Saudi Arabia to treat Pakistani Labourers as their own people, Saudi crown prince says “Consider me ambassador of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia”.

All in all a remarkable positive vibe for the people of Pakistan, hatss off to PM Imran Khan on his leadership abilities all set towards a progressive Pakistan.




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