PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange functions normally in challenging circumstances

PSX witnesses bullish trend, gains 218 points

The 100-index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed a bullish trend on Tuesday, gaining 218.00 points, a positive change of 0.52 percent, closing at 42,265.36 against 42,047.36 points on the last working day.

A total of 84,502,982 shares were traded during the day as compared to 240,219,754 shares the previous day, whereas the price of shares stood at Rs 4.15 billion against Rs 5.447 billion on the last trading day.

Around 379 companies transacted their shares in the stock market, 195 of them recorded gains and 150 sustained losses, whereas the share price of 34 companies remained unchanged.

The three top trading companies were FFL with 31,070,349 shares at Rs 6.35 per share followed bt WTL with 22,922,021 shares at Rs 1.57 per share and CNERGY with 14,282,996 at Rs 5.00 per share.

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