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Main Highlights of Pakistan’s budget 2022-2023

The incumbent coalition government has presented the federal budget for the fiscal year 2022-23, with an estimated outlay of over Rs9 trillion, on June 10 (Friday).

The budget had been formulated while considering the existing challenges being faced by economy at domestic and international fronts. Hence, mitigating people’s sufferings, transforming agriculture sector, promoting Information Technology (IT), boosting industrial and bolstering businesses would be the main focus of the document, sources said.

The government is firmly committed to presenting a pro-people, business-friendly and progressive Federal Budget FY 2022-23. It will pursue policies aimed at fiscal consolidation to contain budget deficit.

Here are some key highlights of Pakistan’s budget 2022-2023:-

Highlights of Pakistan’s budget 2022-2023

  • Govt allocates Rs 600 mln for Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony Division.
  • Govt earmarks Rs 73 bln for power sector.
  • Govt allocates over Rs 207.917 mln for Narcotics Control Division under PSDP 2022-23.
  • Over Rs.12 billion allocated for health sector projects.
  • Govt unveils Rs 2.263 trn national development budget.
  • Govt allocates Rs 10.129 billion for agriculture sector development.
  • Rs 25.9906 billion earmarked for PAEC in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Govt earmarked Rs 9093mln for Interior Division.
  • Rs 289 mln earmarked for PNRA under PSDP.
  • Govt earmarks Rs 83,101.262 mln for power sector schemes in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Rs 807.500 million allocated for BOI in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Climate Change gets Rs 9.6 bln budgetary allocations under PSPD 2022-23.
  • Rs 1659.997 mln allocated for Finance Division projects in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Govt allocates Rs3465 mln for projects of Maritime Affairs.
  • Govt allocates Rs1.48 bln for nine petroleum sector projects.
  • Govt allocates over Rs70058 mln for Cabinet Division.
  • Rs 3472.420 million earmarked in PSDP for IPC Division’s sport schemes.
  • Rs 1174.440 mln allocated for Commerce Division in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Govt allocates Rs 13,985m for housing sector.
  • Govt allocates Rs.17 bln for providing laptop to youth: Minister.
  • Rs 6.33b allocated in PSDP for IT, Telecom division.
  • Govt allocate Rs 184.682 million for MoHR’s one new PSDP project.
  • Govt allocates Rs 2,850 mln for Industries and Production in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Govt earmarks Rs2.23 bln for Defence Division under PSDP 2022-23.
  • Rs 118,583 mln allocated for Communications Division projects under PSDP.
  • Govt earmarks above Rs 44000 mln for higher education in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Govt allocates Rs 7239m under PSDP 2022-23 for FEPT schemes.
  • Rs 5.716 billion earmarked for Science and Technological Research Division in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Rs 2.48 bln earmarked for 15 aviation sector projects.
  • Govt allocates over Rs 1.8 bln for Law Division.
  • Govt earmarks Rs183.215bln for 87 projects of Water Resources Division.
  • Govt earmarks Rs2.2 bln for Defence Production Division under PSDP 2022-23.
  • Govt allocates Rs32,648 million for Railways Division.
  • Planning, development division to get Rs 42.17 bn under PSDP 2022-23.
  • Rs. 500 mln earmarked for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Rs3188.639 mln earmarked for Revenue Division projects in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Around Rs 2100 mln allocated for Information Division’s development projects under PSDP.
  • Rs. 7.3951 billion earmarked for SUPARCO in PSDP 2022-23.
  • Over Rs23 bln allocated for various on-going, new schemes in GB.
  • Govt allocates Rs 13,985m for housing sector.
  • Govt allocates Rs.17 bln for providing laptop to youth.
  • Govt withdraws 17% ST on seeds.
  • Artificial Intelligence projects bag Rs 723 mln in PSDP.
  • Rs 180m allocated for President’s Cyber Efficient Parliament Initiative.
  • Rs 2.15 billion earmarked for Metro Bus service for Islamabad Int’l Airport.
  • Rs 600 mln allocated for desalination plant in Gwadar.
  • Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) allocations increased up to Rs. 364 billion from Rs. 250 billion

Pakistan’s budget speech 2022-2023

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