Jovago Pakistan lists some of the festivals celebrated in Pakistan

Known as the Cradle of Civilization, Pakistan is the sixth most populous city in the world. Home to various cultures, religions and backgrounds, it comes as no surprise that all year round, Pakistan is celebrating one festival or another.

Jovago Pakistan has listed below some of the festivals celebrated in Pakistan that represents the different cultures and heritage of the country.


Also known as the Festival of lights, MelaChiraghan is celebrated each year in the Urs of MadhuLalHussain- a Panjabi Sufi Poet. Catering to the population devoted to Sufism, it is one of the largest gathering where thousands from all over Pakistan come and pray for their wishes to come true.

      2.Chilam Joshi

The famous Kalash festival celebrated in the month of May, is the most famous of the Kalash festival. People from all over the world come to attend the festival where the people of Kalash thank their gods for blessing them and their pasture for the upcoming year.

     3.Vesak Festival

Also known as Buddha’s day, is a day observed by the Buddhists all over the world. With the cultural heritage and Buddhists tombs in Taxila, Pakistan held the first ever Vesak Festival (when) where Buddhists from Sri Lanka came to visit the Holy sites. During this festival, people observing the religion gather at the temples to sing hymns of praises of the Buddha.

  1. Seed Sowing Festival

This two days festival is to open the farming season for the valleys of Hunza, Gilgit and Baltistan. The ceremony is dependent upon the weather and the altitude of the valleys. For instance in Hunza, the ceremony takes place towards the end of February, Gojal valley on the 6th of March, the Upper Gojal and the Chipurson valley celebrated the festival once the condition of the weather is stable and suitable for cultivation. The district of Baltistan celebrated this festival on the 21st of March.

5.Shandur Polo Festival

A bit different from the other festivals, Shandur Polo Festival attracts tourists from all over the world. Shandur, also known as the roof of the World, is the world’s largest polo ground. One of the biggest festivals in Pakistan, Shandur Polo Festival takes place from the 7th of July to the 9th. This two days festival happens each year and history claims that it is a means of strengthening ties between Chitral and Gilgit.

With numerous festivals taking place all year round, listed above are some of the major festivals that Pakistan celebrates.

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