GEO TV’s Munafiq Ends On A Happy Note

7th Sky Entertainment’s much loved drama serial Munafiq ended on a happy note but people are as well calling it a heart touching episode. The negative character of Adeel Aka Armaan received hates throughout but he being killed in the last episode made people sad but all in all it had the perfect ending. What people expected and missed watching was Hamza & Ujala’s wedding and they living happily after. As far as the performances are concerned Marina Khan was too good in today’s episode as well as throughout the drama serial.

7th Sky Entertainment’s Drama Serial Munafiq has us hooked

Adeel Chaudhry has also done a wonderful job as Armaan, and this role will sure take him places. Fatima Effendi  and Bilal Qureshi were also no less in performance and people loved their acting as well their on screen chemistry.

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We also hope Munafiq sequel comes out as well where the grandchild Affan carries on the legacy of the family and his father Arman. Overall a commendable job by 7th Sky entertainment for producing brilliance.

Munafiq’s moral of the story: Nothing can change your destiny except Prayer to ALLAH.

Drama Serial Munafiq Soryline

Ujala belongs to a middle class family. When her father and brother who work for the rich business woman and politician Mrs. Sabiha meet with an unfortunate deadly factory accident, she pressurizes Ujala’s mother to compromise. As a result, despite her own reservations, Ujala agrees to marry Mrs. Sabiha’s son for the greater benefit of her struggling poor family. Ujala’s new life in the unfamiliar surroundings of her new rich household go from bad to worse when her new husband rejects her. Will Ujala survive the constant onslaught of challenges? Will she ever be accepted and welcomed as a member of the new household? Or will she surrender to the manipulative plans of her in-laws? The drama serial answered all these questions and ended on a happy note.

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