Top 5 Pakistani Artists

1. Ismail Gulgee

Ismail Gulgee was born on October 25, 1926 in Peshawar. He is an award winning globally famous Pakistani artist who is renowned for his extraordinary works in calligraphy, his phenomenal paintings and sculptures. Before his tragic murder in 2007, Gulgee was an engineer and a self-taught painter. He will always be remembered for his humble disposition.

2. Saeed Akhtar

Saeed Akhtar was born in 1938, and is one of Pakistan’s most celebrated artists although he is colour blind. He is an innovator, famous for painting the portrait of Quaid e Azam in 1970. Akhtar’s inspiration is his imagination, allowing him to bring his majestic visions to life on his canvas.

3. Jamil Naqsh

Jamil Naqsh was born in 1939, in Kairana, India. Naqsh’s signature style is to paint women and pigeons, and amalgamations of both. He has designed a few pieces of Islamic calligraphy, which reflect how he is not only a modern expressionist but also a traditional miniaturist.

4. Sadequain

Sadequain was born in 1930, in Amroha, and is considered as the finest calligrapher of Pakistan. Sadequain harnessed the beauty of powerful symbolism and allegorical gestures in his paintings, creating a diverse series of masterpieces. Sadequain passed away in 1987, and is regarded as an iconic artist of the 20th century.

5. Abdur Rahman Chugtai

Abdur Rahman Chughtai (1897–1975) is the national artist of Pakistan, and is an icon of the 20th century. His creationsinfused with the essence of Islamic and Mughal art, while maintaining the elegance of Art Noveau. Chughtai is renowned for his painting of Anarkali, and designing the logos of Pakistan Television and Radio Pakistan.

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