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Synopsis of drama serial Teri Meri Jodi


Sincerity & love  is more important than cast, color and creed

 Teri Meri Jodi is a story of Punjabi & Gujrati family, Bandookwalas and Chaudhrys.These families bring Gia and Kabir together and they live happily, after realizing that sincerity and love for each other is more important than cast, color and creed.

Launch date of this drama is 9th December’ 2015 . Airing schedule will be, “every Tue-Wed” at “8:00PM”.

Director of this serial is Syed Ali Raza Usama & the writer is Syed Muhammad Ahmed & Abeer Mahar.

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Teri Meri Jodi

This is a story of a 24 year old Gujrati girl Gia who not only happens to be overweight but is also completely oblivious to it. Her family keeps telling herhow difficult it would be to get her married, but she doesn’t care. Instead of controlling it, her love for food grows by the day. There is one person in her life who not only adores her, but she adores him too. That’s her grandfather, Nawab Jee Bandookwala. Upon his insistence, she agrees to an arranged marriage with Tanish Ameen AKA Tony on the condition that he will come live with them instead of her going to live with her in-laws. Nawab Jee offers the grooms family a handsome dowry and enough money to start-up a business. Tony’s family accepts the offer. But little did they know Tony had other plans. He had a steady girlfriend on the side. And with all the money Nawab Jee was planning on giving him, Tony had plans of breaking up with Gia and moving to England with his girlfriend. Gia, along with his cousin discover these plans and on the eve of her engagement goes public with proof. Both the families are devasted.

Teri Meri Jodi

Gia decides to take her life by the horns and with the support of her Khala, Shahi, she applies for a job as a cooking show host. On the day of her audition, she bumps into Kabir. Completely mesmerized by him, she messes up the audition but still manages to get a job as the telephone operator for the calls coming in to the live show. She gets laid off from this position soon after joining when she goes public on live tv about the Producer of the show making fake calls for TRP.

Kabir is the CEO of an event management company called CreArtivity which is hosting a food festival. With the help of her aunt, Gia manages to land a stall at the festival where she decides to put up Gujrati food. Her food was an instant hit at the festival. Anita, Kabir’s sister-in-law, and Gia get into a bit of a misunderstanding where Kabir eventually intervenes to defuse the situation. This whole scenario is aired on live television by a channel which was covering the event. Anita notices a spark between Kabir and Gia during this mess but Kabir denies any thing of the sort.

Gia, after the great response at the food festival, starts up a catering business. Kabir eventually becomes a client and falls in love with not only the food but Gia herself. He proposes to her shortly after. Both the families meet and we find out that they already have a business partnership. Gia starts taking the subject of marriage seriously and soon realizes how different yet similar the families are. Both are extremely strict in their family& culturalvalues and don’t marry outside their communities. With the help of a few relatives and seeing how much Gia and Kabir liked each other, the families agree and they both get married. But even after that, Kabir’s familyespecially his mother BibiChaudhrain have difficulty accepting Gia and her family. Anoshay takes advantage of the situation when she finds out that Gia’s is infertile. She brain-feeds BibiChaudhrani that Gia wants to get separate withKabir from joint family system.  Later, Kabir unintentionally says something to Gia which offends her. She leaves her in-laws house and starts living with her parents. This step creates walls between the families at personal level, but they continue to stay connected for business.

The families realize that their lives are incomplete and dull without each other. They understand that the collaboration of Punjabi and Gujrati culture made their lives colorful and meaningful. The efforts of Bandookwalas and Chaudhrys bring Gia and Kabir together and they live happily, after realizing that sincerity and love for each other is more important than cast, color and creed.

Director: Syed Ali Raza Usama

Written by: Syed Mohammed Ahmed &AbeerMahar

Assistant Writer: Anwar Gilani (for first 15 episodes)

Sr. #Character’s Name Talent Names
1ShakoorBandookwala (Bappa)AdirVadia
2RabiyaBandookwala  (RabooMasi)ShehnazPervaiz
3YameenBandukwalaAftab Alam
4ZulekhaBandukwala (Jillu)Farah Nadir
5FerozeBandukwala (Chota Bhai)Faisal Qazi
6ZareenaBandukwala (Jareen)ShaziaGohar
7Bari Phoee (Nikki Bua)ZaheenTahira
8Shaheen (Shahi)KaifGhaznavi
9GiaAlmas Fidai
10MaryaHusna Amaze Khan
11JaryaHiba Bukhari
12Rafi (Hansmukh)Hamid Malik
14MehboobUsman Mazhar
15FaisalShahzeb Khawaja
16RoohAfzaErum Bashir
17BaseerFawad Khan
18ReshmiSonia Rao
19AliAli Ansari
20Karim?? ?? ??


Sr #CharactersOption 1
21Chaudhry SahabAshraf Khan
23Mir ChaudhryUmar Sultan
24Anita Bhabi (Mir’s Wife)Nadia Kanwal
25KabirSami Khan
26Fahad (Mir’s Son)Abyan Chaudhry
27Zooni (Kabir’s Sister)Fatima Shah Jilani
28Matro (Bibi’s Maid)Maham Aamir
29AnooshayHira Hussain



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