Strepsils Stereo brings back Billo with a bang

Strepsils Stereo Billo  

A brand new exciting song from the season 2 of Strepsils Stereo introduces us to a vibrant and fun-filled dance number, ‘Billo’! Its upbeat and dance-y vibe, with a perfect blend of the richness of Punjabi folk culture and a flavor of Pop created through Acappella, are surely going to make it the ‘Mehndi Song of the Year’.

Strepsils Stereo Wins an Award in the Music Category at Spikes Asia 2018

Strepsils Stereo is Pakistan’s first and only Acappella music platform which creates music without any instruments using the sound from voice, mouth and claps. The song ‘Billo’ is produced by Ali Noor and Ahsan Pervez, the masterminds behind producing this acappella-driven music platform.

Excited about this new song, Ali Noor stated, “This was one of the most challenging songs that have been produced to date on the Strepsils Stereo platform because of the complexity of beats as there are in a Punjabi folk mix. But, Ahsan Pervez and Mehak Ali have done a phenomenal job through their voice. This will surely be topping all mehndi playlists this wedding season.”

The character ‘Billo’ is a light-hearted take on our socially constructed rules about how girls at weddings are expected to act. The song promotes empowerment and highlights that weddings should be enjoyed by everyone in the family, including the bride herself, without the fear of being judged by those around.

Talking about this new venture of Strepsils Stereo, Humayun Farooq, Director Marketing – RB Health, said “This is an upbeat and fun song, where we are also trying to send a positive social message across through the video. I am absolutely thrilled about launching this mehndi track and extremely proud of the entire team for their hard work. Let’s make some noise with our version of Billo this wedding season and let’s truly bring Billo back!”

Strepsils Stereo is an owned Acappella platform of Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Pakistan’s throat lozenges brand, Strepsils. The platform for its unique idea and brand relevance has won the prestigious Spike Asia award early this year along with the PAS Awards 2017 last year. It has released four songs to date including ‘Khayal Rakhna’, ‘Rang De’, ‘Dil Jo Chahay’ and ‘Mera Pakistan’ with a total of 13.2 million views.

“Mera Pakistan Challenge” By Strepsils Stereo Goes Viral

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