Hamza Sohail & Anmol Baloch Pair Up for Upcoming 7th Sky Entertainment Drama Serial "Sirf Tum''

Sirf Tum Last Episode: A Happy Ending

7th Sky Entertainment drama serial Sirf Tum finally came to a close with an exceptional happy ending. We saw in this episode the real face of Hamza finally being exposed to everyone and his conspiracies to create differences between Abeer and Hannan ended. All we have to say is that Mohsin Abbas as Hamza stole the complete show with his exceptional performance. He as a villian nailed it completely throughout.

Also we must say that Abeer and Hamza’s chemistry was also exceptional. Hiba Aziz as Sara was also good with her performance, wow she stood for Abeer and Hanan when she found they love each other. That scene when she tells she loves Hanan unconditionally and wants to see him happy, that was heart touching.

Watch the complete last episode of Sirf Tum here:-

Sirf Tum Last Episode

Video Credits: GEOTV


”Sirf Tum” revolves around Abeer who has recently returned from abroad to live with her extended family.

Abeer’s perspective on life and her priorities are different from her family’s, which leads to conflict between them. Her cousins, Hanan and Hamza, are also part of this extended family. Hamza is a rebellious and unconventional person who dreams of living life without any responsibilities or restrictions.

In contrast, Hanan is a mature and sensible man who believes in love and relationships. After a series of events, Abeer and Hamza are set to marry. However, Hamza’s inappropriate demands and unreasonable behaviour towards Abeer cause her to back out from the wedding. This creates chaos in the family and creates tension between Hamza & Abeer.

Ultimately, Hanan and Abeer are forced to marry each other. Though they reluctantly start their new life together, their past traumas continue to haunt them.

The question remains: will Hanan and Abeer be able to overcome their past and find love for each other? Or will their differences and past experiences lead to further conflict and separation?


Anmol Baloch – Abeer

Hamza Sohail – Hannan

Mohsin Abbas – Hamza

Sakina Khan – Amal

Fazila Kazi – Farah

Hiba Aziz – Sara

Erum Akhter – Mahrukh

Ayesha Gul – Amina

Sabiha Hashmi – Zubaida

Akber Islam – Aijaz

Zia Gurchani – Faraz

Salma Asim – Noreen

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