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Reasons why May Is a Good Month to Travel


Considered to be one of the most gorgeous months of the year, marking the start of the summer season, May is the epitome of sunshine and all things attached. Why? It is pretty simple. With the arrival of May, flowers that had lost their beauty due to the harsh winter are once again promised of bloom.

It is also the time when most of the people take time off from their work to go about on vacations with their family and friends. There are certain reasons because of which people prefer to travel in the month of May. Read along this article by Jovago Pakistan to know the reasons behind this phenomena.

  • Time to remove all those heavy, winter layers

Imagine the incredible feeling that you get after removing all those winter’s weighty layers of flannel and fleece. Soothing huh? After months of facing harsh winters, people are finally to throng to the outdoor spaces to soak up the sunshine, to get some beautiful tan on their pale skin, along with the much-needed vitamin D in the month of May. By traveling in this month, people get the opportunity to freely explore different places; something which they were not able to do in the winter season.

  • To enjoy different festivals

The arrival of May marks the beginning of the sowing season in different countries including Pakistan. To thank the Gods for bestowing the sun and other bounties, different festivals including the Chilam Joshi festival are celebrated. Festivals provide the perfect opportunity to get an insight of the culture as a result of which people want to travel in months when they can get a glimpse of traditions and heritage.

  • Because it is a vacation time

Another reason why a large number of people travel in May is because children’s summer vacations start in this month. Therefore, families want to make the most out of this free time as a result of which they go about exploring different places.

  • To avail discounts and other offers

Traveling without putting a dent in your bank account is something that everyone wishes but only a few people are able to fulfill. The reason why only some people are able to save money while traveling is because they avail discounts and other travel packages that are being offered by hotels and other travel agencies. By availing discounts up to 60% that are being offered by Jovago Pakistan through its May_my_holiday campaign, you can not only save money but explore beautiful places of Pakistan.

If you have any other reason because of which people prefer to travel in the month of May, then do share it with us in the comments section below.








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