A Travel Guide for Dummies – 5 Things you should know before Catching that Flight

Traveling can be exciting and at the same time unnerving. If you’re traveling abroad for the first time then assumingly you’re terribly nervous.The best way to overcome that hesitance is to be well prepared for the journey ahead, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

1. Double Check on your Vaccinations

Before leaving, confirm with your doctor whether you’ve taken all necessary vaccination to enter your concerned country and have the required documentation to prove it.

Picture Source:https://onlinedoctor.lloydspharmacy.com/uk/travel-vaccinations

2. Figure out your Money Matters

Check whether the country you’re visiting accepts credit cards or hard cash. The conversion rate of your local currency and the said destination should also be worked out so you can plan your budget and expenses beforehand. If credit cards are not accepted take sufficient amount of cash with you and divide in into different pockets; the last thing you want is to be short on cash.

3. Book Tickets for Tours, Planes, and Hotels Online

In today’s age of e-booking, tick things off yourto-do list while still at home so you can really enjoy when you arrive. Plan all the details of your trip beforehand: Book flight tickets of your preferred carrier, book the hotel in the city of your arrival and also book sightseeing tours beforehand so that when you reach the location you’re free to enjoy your time there, without stressing on how to plan things out.

4. Manage your Electronics

Things get a little more complicated when you take your local electronics abroad since different countries have different fixed voltages. You’ll need to use adapters with all your chargers and appliances to configure their voltage to the said requirement. Also, figure out your cellphone data package plan before taking off. Some cellphone plans allow international travel without any additional charges while others requireminimal costs.

5. Pack your Carry-on Carefully

Your carry-onbag is the only piece of luggage that’s going to stick by you throughout the journey. Value its importance! If by any chance the airport loses your luggage you need to have all your essentials in that bag to survive. So pack an extra set of clothes, some snacks, all your ID documents, money, and your must need electronics gadgets in your carry on.

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