Pakistan Hajj Mission Welcomes Over 62,000 Pilgrims to Madinah and Makkah

The Pakistan Hajj Mission (PHM) has successfully received 62,148 pilgrims in Madinah and Makkah since the commencement of the pre-Hajj flight operations on May 9. This operation includes both government and private schemes, as reported by the Ministry of Religious Affairs on Saturday.

Breakdown of Arrivals

According to Muhammad Umer Butt, spokesperson for the Ministry of Religious Affairs, a total of 46,648 pilgrims have arrived via 185 flights under the government scheme, while an additional 15,500 pilgrims have arrived under private arrangements.

The PHM is expecting an influx of 22,090 more Pakistani pilgrims to arrive in Makkah over the next nine days. This year, the mission aims to host over 70,105 pilgrims under the government scheme and more than 80,000 under the private scheme. Currently, over 13,000 pilgrims have already arrived in Saudi Arabia under private schemes.

Facilities and Services for Pilgrims

With the cooperation of Saudi authorities, around 33,500 Pakistani pilgrims have had the opportunity to visit Riaz Al-Jannah in Madinah. The PHM is leveraging technology, including mobile apps, two toll-free helplines, and four WhatsApp numbers, to address and resolve pilgrims’ complaints effectively.

Medical facilities are also a priority, with two central hospitals and a dozen dispensaries in the Haram area staffed by 322 doctors and medical personnel. These facilities are equipped with modern medical equipment, including ambulances, laboratories, X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, ECG machines, minor operating theatres, and separate wards for men and women.

Support and Coordination

A total of 511 Hajj Moavineen, comprising both Pakistani civilians and uniformed personnel, are dedicated to providing travel, accommodation, and food services to the pilgrims. Additionally, 152 officers and support staff from the Ministry of Religious Affairs are actively working in various departments such as the control room, Madinah and Jeddah airports, the lost and found department, the Madinah departure cell, the monitoring cell, and the accounts and administration departments.

Addressing Issues and Complaints

In the past 23 days, the Ministry has managed to reunite 122 pilgrims with their families and return 770 misplaced bags and purses, as well as 169 wheelchairs, to their rightful owners. Furthermore, they have resolved 570 food-related complaints, 1,450 accommodation complaints, and 388 transportation complaints.

The Haram Guides have been instrumental in assisting pilgrims, providing guidance to 24,639 pilgrims at the entrance points of Haram e Makki, helping them navigate to their respective destinations.

As the Hajj season progresses, the Pakistan Hajj Mission remains committed to ensuring a smooth and safe pilgrimage experience for all Pakistani pilgrims, continuously improving their services and addressing any challenges that arise.

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