First look of upcoming HUMTV Drama Serial ‘Neem’ revealed

Neem Episode 3: Outstanding performances

HUMTV drama serial Neem aired its episode 3 last night and we witnessed outstanding performances by the leads Mawra hocane, Syed Jibran and Ameer Gillani. What a phenomenal performance by Syed Jibran him after the scene of murdering his father.

The episode-3 had very interesting dialogues at the beginning between babajaan and his son Karamat. Have you observed for each worry of Karamat that when Babajaan gives right justification, Karamat gets lost and in his conscious mind, he feels that what Babajaan is saying is right? but the very second moment he throws this feeling out of his mind and is on his path of bringing his so-called toxic upbringing by Babajaan due to his lectures and constant humiliation.

Overall, a good story and concept highlighting the issue how teachers have a great influence on their students’ personality. Very powerful writing and dialogue enjoying it. More realistic portrayal of the feudal system and social ills.

Checkout the complete episode 3 of Neem here:-

Neem Episode 3

Video Credits: HUMTV

Neem Episode 4 Teaser

Video Credits: HUMTV


‘Neem’ is a gripping tale set in the picturesque valley of Kashmir and United States, weaving together the lives of three individuals – Zamal, a dedicated social worker; Shazil, a passionate teacher; and Karamat Khan, the entitled son of a revered tribal leader. As Zamal and Shahzil prepare for their impending marriage, their world is rocked by a series of events that draw them into a web of lust, deceit and political power struggles.

Excursion of a born philanthropist, determined to fill the void in uniform distribution of education in her community, without the bounds of finances. Zimal faces multiple obstacle in her virtuous way, from personal wounds to feudal establishment, everything seems to diverge her astray.

Syed Jibran and Mawra Hussain lead an ensemble cast in this exciting serial including Arslan Naseer, Maryam Nafees, Shamyl Khan, Ameer Gilani, Ismat Zaidi, Alamdar Khan, Areeba Tirmizi, Tahira Shahzad, Yousuf Bashir Qureshi and others. The serial promises to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and stunning visuals. With Kashif Anwer’s masterful writing, Shehzad Kashmiri’s deft direction, and Momina Duraid Productions’ impeccable production values, “NEEM” is sure to be a hit with viewers.

Written by Sadia Akhtar and directed by Syed Asim Ali, Daagh E Dil boasts a stellar cast comprising Asad Siddiqui, Nawal Saeed, Naveen Waqar, and others, and marks the return of Jal band singer Gohar Mumtaz to television screens after four years.


Mawra Hussain
Syed Jibran
Arslan Naseer
Ameer Gillani
Maryam Nafees
Shamyl Khan
Manzar Sehbai
Hani Taha
Adeel Khan
Ismat Zaidi
Alamdar Khan
Areeba Tirmizi
Hassan Shah
Rahil Siddiqui
Tahira Shahid

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