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Neem 2nd last episode: The fate of Karamat Khan anxiously awaited

As the Hum TV drama serial “Neem” approaches its conclusion, the plot thickens and emotions run high in the second last episode. Viewers are anxiously awaiting the fate of Karamat Khan and hoping for a happy ending for the beloved characters, Ashaad and Zimmal. In this episode, we witness the aftermath of Shizal divorcing Zimmal and a newfound connection between the two main protagonists.

Watch compete Neem 2nd last episode here:-

Neem 2nd last episode

Video Credits: HUMTV
Video Credits: HUMTV

In this Episode of Neem

Zimmal, determined to make a positive impact on the children and youth of her country, pours her heart into her educational projects. Meanwhile, Ashaad becomes aware of Zimmal’s endeavors and expresses his desire to support her financially. Zimmal, intrigued by Ashaad’s mysterious aura, takes the opportunity to get to know him better. She questions why he always appears sad and reserved, to which he responds with a sense of melancholy that seems to shroud his character.

Ashaad’s concerns extend beyond his own well-being, as he worries about the fate of his brother, Amjad, whom he is unable to meet due to the police’s restrictions. In Zimmal’s absence, she entrusts the responsibilities of Salawas to Ashaad, and he takes up the role with unwavering dedication. His genuine commitment is evident as he uses his own money to provide for the people of Salawas and refuses financial aid from Zimmal, showcasing his selflessness.

On the other hand, Karamat Khan, the antagonist of the story, attempts to manipulate Zimmal into believing that he has transformed into a better person. The world may perceive his supposed change, but Zimmal remains skeptical, understanding his true nature. Karamat Khan’s declaration that he is returning Salawas’ land back to its rightful owners surprises Zimmal, yet she remains unmoved. She knows all too well that his actions might be driven by ulterior motives, and she refuses to be swayed by his act.

Zimmal’s indifference to Karamat Khan’s charade is clear, even when he claims that his father appears in his dreams, expressing pride in him. These empty words do little to change her perception of him. Zimmal is more interested in the untold love story of Ashaad. The intriguing irony lies in the fact that Ashaad is narrating his own love story, but he keeps Zimmal’s name a secret, adding an air of mystery to their relationship.

As “Neem” draws closer to its conclusion, viewers are fervently rooting for the union of Ashaad and Zimmal, wishing for a satisfying resolution to their relationship. Simultaneously, there is a collective desire for Karamat Khan to face severe consequences for his heinous sins. The second last episode of “Neem” has left the audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating how these complex characters will find their destinies in the grand finale.

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