First look of upcoming HUMTV Drama Serial ‘Neem’ revealed

Neem Episode 19: Tensions Escalate as Karamat Khan Faces Off Against Zimmal

Hum TV drama serial “Neem” continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline. Marwa Hocane and Syed Jibran have delivered outstanding performances, complemented by Ameer Gillani and the rest of the talented cast. In the previous episode, viewers witnessed the ruthless side of Karamat Khan as he brutally murdered Jameel and his brother. Shockingly, he didn’t spare Jameel’s wife either. As the tension escalates, it appears that a showdown is looming between Karamat Khan and Zimmal.

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Neem Episode 19

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Neem Episode 20 Promo

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In this Episode

After the gruesome killings of Jameel and his brother, Karamat Khan sets his sights on Jameel’s wife. He first obtains a video confession from Jameel, in which he implicates Karamat in the murder of his father and other sins. Karamat then forces Jameel’s wife to destroy this damning evidence before poisoning her. The news of these mysterious deaths reaches Zimmal, leaving her determined to confront Karamat Khan.

Zimmal learns that Karamat Khan has seized Salawa’s lands through a court ruling. However, she knows that Baba had originally allocated these lands to the Salawas. With unwavering resolve, Zimmal reclaims Salawa’s land by serving as a witness in court, aided by a lawyer. It becomes evident that a clash between Karamat and Zimmal is on the horizon. Karamat Khan orders the Salwa family to vacate his land, but it is Zimmal who offers them refuge on her property.

Meanwhile, Ashhad faces his own set of challenges, losing his case against Camila and being forced to share half of his property with his ex-wife. This turn of events leaves him feeling deceived, having lost what he initially gained. Zimmal ensures that Salwa’s family is safe and comfortable on her land, reassuring them that they are the rightful owners, with her as a witness to their claim.

Ashhad receives a call from Pakistan, learning about his brothers’ imprisonment and Karamat Khan’s eviction notice to his sister-in-law. Shocked by this news, Ashhad decides to return to Kashmir, signaling a potential alliance with Zimmal and the Salwas in their battle for justice against Karamat Khan.

As the drama unfolds, “Neem” promises more twists, conflicts, and alliances, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they anticipate the showdown between Karamat Khan and Zimmal, with the fate of Salawa’s lands hanging in the balance.

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