NDMA Prepares Punjab and Sindh for Imminent Heatwave

A wave of intense heat is set to engulf Punjab and Sindh starting Thursday, with temperatures expected to climb to hazardous levels until the 27th of this month.  In response, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued an urgent advisory, outlining crucial steps residents can take to protect themselves from the scorching summer heat.

To stay safe during the heatwave, the NDMA recommends limiting time spent outdoors, especially during the peak hours of sunlight.  Staying well-hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids is essential, and choosing lightweight, light-colored clothing can help reflect the sun’s rays. Whenever possible, seek refuge indoors in air-conditioned or well-ventilated spaces, particularly during the hottest parts of the day. These simple measures can significantly reduce the risk of heat stroke, dehydration, and other heat-related illnesses.

The NDMA also extends its advice to the agricultural community. Farmers are encouraged to adapt their practices to extreme weather conditions by adjusting irrigation schedules and providing shade for vulnerable crops. Livestock owners should prioritize the well-being of their animals by ensuring they have access to ample water and shade throughout the day.

By proactively addressing the potential impact of the heatwave, the NDMA aims to equip communities with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate the challenges of extreme heat and safeguard the health and livelihoods of residents in Punjab and Sindh.

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