Pakistan Cricket team Asia Cup 2022

Naseem Shah gathers immense praise for his brilliant sixers from leading Celebrities

Celebrities from all over Pakistan shared the roller coaster of emotions throughout the entire match of Asia cup contest against Afghanistan along with all the nation and showered the star of the night, ‘Naseem Shah’ with admiration after a defining moment of victory.

In the super 4 match of Asia Cup 2022, Pakistan beat Afghanistan by one wicket while achieving major victory by qualifying for the finals. The nail-biting contest between the two had entire nation into frenzy because of the unpredictable situations throughout the match.

During the jaw breaking last over, Naseem shah took all the limelight of the match hitting the final cord for triumph when his 2 sixers snatched the victory for Pakistan from the jaws of defeat.

Pakistani celebrities were also among the admirers of Shah for this praise-worthy performance and took it to their social media channels to share the same.

Baandi actor Muneeb Butt shared a snippet on his Instagram account in which he can bee seen jumping in excitement and praising the batsman after recovering from the jittery moment.

Humayun Saeed also took it to twitter and commended Naseem Shah as the cricketer pulled off a thrilling win.

Following the pursuit, Habibi singer Asim Azhar also posted an Instagram snippet of him, enjoying the excitement of the success while praising Naseem Shah as the ‘Man of the Moment’ in his other retweet.

By winning last night’s battle, Pakistani team has knocked out both India & Afghanistan from the finals of ongoing Asia Cup 2022.

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