Ali Sethi and Jonita Gandhi's "Love Like That": A Melodic Fusion

Ali Sethi and Jonita Gandhi’s “Love Like That”: A Melodic Fusion

In a noteworthy cross-border musical collaboration, Pakistani sensation Ali Sethi and Bollywood’s multilingual voice, Jonita Gandhi, joined forces to release “Love Like That.” This collaboration, attempting to bridge the realms of pop and raga, showcases the artists’ innovative approach to blending their distinct musical styles.

The Versatile Duo:

Unveiled on January 12 with an official music video on YouTube, “Love Like That” displays Jonita Gandhi’s linguistic versatility, while Ali Sethi reintroduces classical and Qawwali styles with a contemporary twist. Known for her diverse language repertoire, Jonita has seamlessly traversed Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, and Malayalam since her debut in 2013. Ali Sethi, acclaimed for his 2022 Coke Studio hit “Pasoori,” has become a star in his own right, blending classical and contemporary styles with finesse.

Musical Elements:

The track opens with Jonita’s melodic “Wanna love like that,” echoing contemporary American pop influences with repetitive refrains and programmed clap beats. A unique turn takes place when Ali Sethi introduces raga-inspired vocals, infusing a distinct melody rooted in D# major. This fusion of American pop and Indian classical elements adds a compelling layer to the composition.

Watch the song here and comment below to share your feedback:-

Love Like That By Ali Sethi & Jonita Gandhi

Video Credits: Jonita

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