Luxury brands Dubai Mall targeting Middle East with Ramadan collections

Luxury brands targeting Middle East with Ramadan collections

With flowing kaftans, fluid separates and glamorous maxi dresses, Western luxury fashion brands are increasingly targeting the monied Middle Eastern market with Ramazan capsule collections.

“You’re about to be the best-dressed person at every iftar and sehri that you attend,” declared Cosmopolitan Middle East magazine earlier this month in a Ramazan fashion spread, referring to the meals before and after the daily fast during the Muslim holy month.

Top luxury brands from Louis Vuitton to Versace have rolled out handbags and shoes, sunglasses and clothing that varies between sober pastels, florals and embroidered prints.

Gucci’s 2023 Ramazan collection, “Nojum” (meaning stars), is inspired by the night sky, featuring deep purples and daywear options for men.

“Luxury brands know more now about our local culture, our Islam. You can see abayas and jalabiyas, Ramazan and Eid collections in the windows of luxury brands,” said Moza el Katbi as she shopped in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

Also soaking up the offerings in the opulent shopping centre was Feriale Faraj, an Iraqi who lives in Jordan but was visiting her son in Dubai.

“I feel happy when we see something like that. It’s nice to encourage this if we have the means” to buy, she said, admiring the Dior and Louis Vuitton displays.

“Western fashion isn’t the only fashion that is beautiful, the oriental style is also pretty,” she added.

Our Verdict

By targeting the Middle East with Ramadan collections, luxury brands are able to tap into a growing market of affluent consumers who are looking to celebrate the holy month in style. However, these collections have also been criticized by some for commodifying a religious and cultural event for commercial gain.

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