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Jhok Sarkar Episode 17 Review: ASP Arsalan’s Ingenious Dodges and Peeral’s Protective Stance

“Jhok Sarkar,” the HUM TV drama serial, continues to be a prime-time favorite, and episode 17 only adds to its intrigue. With brilliant performances all around, it’s Farhan Saeed’s power-packed portrayal that truly stands out. In this episode, we witness ASP Arsalan’s masterful evasion tactics as he cunningly dodges Meeral’s clutches. Additionally, a series of unexpected events keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Jhok Sarkar Episode 17

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Jhok Sarkar Episode 18 Promo

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ASP Arsalan’s Ingenious Escape:

In the previous episode, we marveled at ASP Arsalan’s clever maneuvering as he deftly eluded Meeral’s grasp. His wit and resourcefulness become even more pronounced in this installment. Meeral and his goons believe they have captured ASP Arsalan, but a surprising twist reveals that the man they have apprehended is not who they think. ASP Arsalan has managed to outsmart Meeral and is on a separate path with Mukhtar, safely en route to the police station, guided by the ShorKot inspector.

Meeral’s Frustration:

Meeral is seething with anger and frustration at his failure to capture ASP Arsalan. In discussions with Dhani Baksh, they ponder how to silence Mukhtar, fearing that his stay in police custody could spell trouble for them. Meeral dispatches one of his henchmen to the police station, posing as a relative, with a message for Mukhtar to remain silent at all costs.

ASP Arsalan’s Wholesome Gesture:

A heartwarming scene unfolds as ASP Arsalan attends a sepoy’s wedding. The touching moment when a bashful subordinate invites his superior officer to the wedding is beautifully executed. It defies expectations and highlights the camaraderie between the characters. ASP Arsalan’s dance at the celebration and the subtle connection between Sassi and him through a window make this scene truly memorable.

Peeral’s Protective Stance:

Amidst the intrigue, a significant moment occurs when Peeral takes a protective stance. Noori’s maid attempts to poison her with a glass of milk, but Peeral intervenes. His keen observation of the maid’s trembling hands raises suspicion, prompting him to command her to drink the poisoned milk herself. The maid complies and tragically succumbs to the poison, leaving Peeral furious and Noori terrified. The complexity of their relationship deepens as Noori expresses her reluctance to bear a child, while Peeral eagerly anticipates becoming a father.


“Jhok Sarkar” Episode 17 keeps viewers engaged with its clever plot twists and nuanced character dynamics. ASP Arsalan’s crafty escape, the emotional sepoy’s wedding, and Peeral’s protective instincts add depth to the narrative. As the story unfolds, the looming question remains: who will shield Sardari Begum and Zulekha from Peeral’s impending wrath?

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