The Best Pakistani Wedding Ever: Aliza Ayaz is every future brides ideal

The Best Pakistani Wedding Ever: A complete side point that this bride Aliza Ayaz is every future brides ideal Pinterest board so I am not to blame for any wedding envy you suffer.


Any other future brides need a reminder to dust the cobwebs off your Pinterest board?

Lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t still plan for your perfect day 🙂 These personalised sustainable wedding boxes are a symbolic gesture to thank your guests for being a part of your journey. So here’s something that they can take away that will play a part in all their future journeys.

Best Pakistani Wedding

MAYUN & MEHNDI – Best Pakistani Wedding

#HaalizaUNited Jaipur Bazaar – An afternoon event filled with joy, laughter and the colour coordinated bride & groom setting couple goals. 

The Most Beautiful Nikkah

Pakistan’s famous Ayaz family enter with the bride Aliza Ayaz. With soulful music, lush nature and hundreds of guests, the mood is set. The most stunning bride walks in and All cameras are on the Ayazs!

The bride’s tears don’t stop. A mix of emotions – a rush – nervousness and excitement. A new chapter. Such a young girl and such big changes. Alas, so what a journey for all girls


Best Pakistani Wedding
Best Pakistani Wedding



Out of the many thousand beautiful options of wedding/engagement rings, Aliza and Harris both went for something that offered a superior level of craftsmanship to more recent designs. Aliza’s parents were heavily involved in guiding the decision, and together she chose something made entirely by hand because it possesses unique qualities that today’s betrothed are seeking in a ring – true thoughtfulness and full loyalty. 

“Especially after the year we’ve just had, finding something personal and with meaning is more important than ever. There is a romance and charm about sapphire and diamond rings and antique gemstones that cannot be replicated.”

As people increasingly realise they don’t have to just settle for the standard round diamond solitaire ring also Gerrard offers an endless range of design options depending on your preferred style and era. 

Therefore the rings they exchanged were an opportunity to make a statement about ourselves.


So Bride and groom take in the moment. Love, laughter, famly, friends, fireworks. #HaalizaUNited indeed.

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