Sahir Lodhi and Shabbir Abu Talib open doors for the blessings of the Holy Month of Ramazan with Ishq Ramazan

TvOne Istaqbal e Ramazan transmission began with the soulful  Ishq Ramazan OST with Sahir Lodhi in the spotlight. As lights slowly turned on Sahir Lodhi welcomed Pakistan to the biggest Ramazan transmission of its own League. Sahir shared his deeds with the audiences and made sure each and every member of his team is introduced to Pakistan. Later, Sahir revealed the beautiful set of the biggest Ramazan transmission in the history of Pakistan. The set of Ishq Ramazan holds a space for 1000 people.

Ishq Ramazan  OST was in a social media storm since the day it came out and the audience was impatient to meet the people behind the perfect creation. To acknowledge the effort  Sahir had a short conversation with his PCR and set design team, also introduced the director and the brain behind the pleasing Ishq Ramazan set Ainy. Right after the introduction, Sahir proceeds with the  Ishq Ramazan team introduction. In the same segment, Sahir introduced Sarwat Askari and Dr.Fazal as the host of the popular segment where debaters across Pakistan are welcomed to showcase their talents in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Reciter, Religious Scholars and prominent media faces will be part of Ishq Ramazan transmission. Also, concluding the transmission glimpse, Sahir elaborated more about the magnificent notion behind the Ishq Ramazan transmission is to give, and believing the positive instincts one should payback with kindness and goodwill. Lastly, Sahir announced the opening of first sehri transmission with everyone’s’favourite host/ religious scholar Shabbir Abu Talib leaving us wanting for more.

IshqRamazan- First Sehar Transmission:

The first Sehri of TvOne IshqRamazan began with Shabbir Abu Talib in the spotlight and the soulful recitation Tu Kuja Man Kuja in the background. As Shabbir started speaking about the importance of Ramazan transmissions in this Holy Month the viewer’s eye came into contact with the most exceptional and beautiful set of IshqRamazan. Revealing the set, Shabbir Abu Talib introduced audience with a concept of welcoming Ramazan and the traditions associated with the Holy month of Ramazan and the importance of the blessings and the generosity of Holy Month.

After the transmission introduction, the host move on explaining the segments designed especially for our viewers, first segment throughout 30 days will be Kalam e Ishq in which guest scholars will discuss insights about Quranic verses, starting with Surah Fatiha in the first Sehri. Mufti Muhammad ShahidMadni recited the ayat. The ayat was related to illness, and Shifah and its importance whereas audience present listened closely as it was recited and explained. After the second break of the Sehar transmission starting segment Sawal Humara Jawab Aapka in which question will appear on the screen and the question will remain the topic to debate throughout the transmission, the audience was requested to be an integral part of the transmission.

The scholar panel in this segment will include Dr Fazal Ahmed, Aalma Muhammad Masoodi Saab accompanying Mufti Muhammad ShahidMadani, Mufti Muhammad Ishaq Madani Saab. Later in the transmission host introduced another segment “WarafanaLakaZikrak” in which our Sana Khwansi including prominent name Fasih Uddin Soharwardi glorified the transmission with naat in his beautiful voice. Later, guests and presented audience performed the sehri in the traditional manner and remembered the ambience of Madina with a beautiful voice of Muhammad Zeeshan Qadri. In the last segment, Shabbir concluded the show with distributing Umrah Tickets in the segment NaimatoonkiBahar. Cycles for kids presented in the audience, gifts vouchers to sisters and a lot more. The winners were seen in a state of exhilaration. Overall TvOne Sehri was a hit and promises that the upcoming Sehar transmission will be successful as well.

IshqRamazan- First Iftar Transmission:

Tv One special Ramazan transmission “Ishq Ramazan” kicks off with OST featuring Sahir Lodhi. Iftar transmission begins with the message of tolerance and brotherhood starting from the Holy Month of Ramazan and throughout the year.

Shah-e-Madina, chanting Subhan Allah the audience present warmed the aura, whereas Sahir Lodhi gave an Umrah ticket to Arshad Saab and his wife suffering from an incurable disease, later Sahir introduced Chef Wardah, Sarwat Askari, host Abeel, Dr Fazal and other ulemas and Naat Khwans present at the prestigious Ishq Ramazan Iftar transmission.

Sahir presenting the Momin’s verse continued with the bait bazi and the poetic recitations amongst the audience.

Introducing the other presented team members of IshqRamazan, Sahir welcomed Raani Aapa who discussed the astounding feel when Sahir distributed Umrah Ticket amongst the attendees.

After the break, Sahir practised the promised, taking the spirited lady from the audience Sahir presented the token of love; Coming back with the original warmth of the Iftar transmission Sahir introduced a kitchen with Chef Wardah where she made chicken vegetable pakora.

After the break, the famous NaatKhawans presented the “Qaseeda Burda Shareef” on the beat of violin and the orchestra panel. Continuing the segment Sahir introduced the segment in which audiences learned an expert remedy from Raani Appa for skin care using her own herbal products.

Later at the iftar transmission, Sahir welcomed Fatimid Foundation. Fatimid Foundation is a symbol of hope for the people who have worked in the fundraising sector as the biggest blood bank in Pakistan. Working withThelismia and Haemophilia patients Fatimid provides free of cost services to the registered 14thousand patients yearly. To provide blood Fatimid Foundation requires walk-in volunteer blood donations, as it drops down in the Holy Month of Ramazan, the representative appealed; for donations especially blood donations.

Later, Sahir welcomed Faseeh Uddin Soharwardi to shower the flowers of adoration along with his soulful Naat recitations. Faseeh Uddin Soharwardi is a known personality and will remain to be the part of Ishq Ramazan throughout the transmission in this Holy Month.

After the break,  Sahir introduced a kitchen segment with Chef Ehtesham where he made creamy pineapple and mango salad for the viewers.

Later, providing the platform to the little talents of Pakistan Sahir Lodhi welcomed Narmeen Chisti on the debaters’ desk. Sarwat Askari, Wardah and Salma Asim are the judges of the nation claimed debate competition. Furthermore, spreading the message of peace- Sahir Lodhi set free pigeons continuing the history he made last year and year before Amjad Sabri’s death.

Later, Sahir introduced the first set of quizzes in the quiz competition. Moreover, the live audience took a charge while the competitors failed to answer and won Umrah tickets. The competition heat is on, however it’s just the first day of the ongoing competitions and we have a month to set the winners.

Concluding the first Iftar transmission Sahir Lodhi welcomed ulemas on board for special dua of Istaqbal-e-Ramazan with a hope to present the promising best each day.

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