Ali Zafar's latest song HUSN will knock at your heart strings

Ali Zafar’s latest song HUSN will knock at your heart strings

Rockstar Ali Zafar is back with a mesmerizing single titled ”HUSN” which highlights the pure essence and meaning of love and will surely knock at your heart strings. The song has been directed, produced, edited and composed by the maestro Ali Zafar himself.

Checkout the complete song HUSN by Ali Zafar here:-

HUSN By Ali Zafar

Video Credits: Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar also penned down a heartfelt note as he released this soothing number. Here is what Ali Zafar mentioned in his note:-

“HUSN” is more than just a song to me; it encapsulates my spiritual journey to grasp the very essence of what we call LOVE.

The melody first whispered to me nearly a decade ago, just before my performance at Jahan-e-Khusrau, when the esteemed Muzaffar Ali Sahab presented me with these exquisite couplets by Hazrat Amir Khusrau. However, it took four more years for the arrangement and recording to manifest in the studio, as it resided deep within my soul. Even then, I faced years of struggle in conceptualizing and visually portraying such a profound theme.

Yet, a few weeks ago, while en route to Turkey, I made a decision to follow my intuition and capture what unfolded as a spontaneous improvisation. I felt that the song, which had been brewing within me for years, had to be brought to life.

For me, the most powerful form of art is one that takes you on a transformative journey of both pain and pleasure throughout its creation, and remains open to individual interpretation upon completion.

My utmost desire is for “HUSN” to enable you to transcend and discover your own personal understanding of LOVE through a profound experience of listening and viewing. I eagerly await your thoughts once you have immersed yourself in the song. With love, AZ.

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