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Despite criticism Ko Ko Korina by Ahad Raza Mir & Momina Mustehsan is trending at no 2


Ko Ko Korina by Ahad Raza Mir & Momina Mustehsan becomes the most talked about song from Coke Studio 11, last episode. Despite much negative criticism & hatred the song is trending at no 2 with over 1.7 Million views on YouTube for all the right or wrong reasons. Ko Ko Korina, marks Ahad Raza Mir’s debut as he comes together with Momina Mustehsan to re-create this foot tapping dance song from the 60’s originally composed by Sohail Rana for film ‘Armaan’ (1966) – produced by Waheed Murad.

Coke Studio releases the ninth and final episode from Season 11

The recreation was disliked by the masses and this is how some of the fans reacted:-

Tech Rollins 2 days ago

Best Part Of The Song 3:51

E-Learning PK 6 hours ago

Trending #2 and Lots of Dislikes…WOW

Mily Greens 4 hours ago

Plz is ganay ki behurmati pay mafi mango awam say and delete it.

The Doctor 3 hours ago

I am so proud I used my right and clicked the Dislike button😊

Listen My Music 2 days ago

RIP……Song ka Janaza nikaal diya

Alpha Of Everything 7 hours ago

Is se acha to sooper ka gana hai😂

Pak Pak 7 hours ago

Bring Coke studio’s father Rohail hayat (of vital signs) back

Shahbaz Khan 8 hours ago

Aisa lag raha hai galli mohallay ka concert hai. Ordinary music.

Mohammed ashfaq 1 day ago (edited)

Yaar Sab loog is song ka Mazak bana raha hai.. Maine soncha kuch positive comments karunga.. But Maine ye pura song soon liya and I can’t give you any positive response yaar.. 😓

Bilal Amin 8 hours ago

Aaj sy coke Peena he band😅

Shahrum Ali 8 hours ago

I came down to curse the die hard fans of both stars but to my surprise most are the feelings of disgust. I am getting the vibe ‘hum zinda qoum hain ‘ 😂😂

Sultan Nazar 7 hours ago

Yeh 35K behray log kon hain?

A R 4 hours ago

Biggest disaster in the history of coke studios

Hira Zahid 1 day ago

Iqbal Tery Shaheenon ny Koko Korina ko kahin ka nhi chora😭😭😭😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏

Osama Rafique 3 hours ago

Esko trending pe dekh kar mujhy mahsoos horha hai Youtube Ka qanoon Andha hai!😂😂😂

Omama Ansari 3 hours ago

Ahad Raza Mir cannot sing to save his life. Coke Studio should give chance to singers who are worthy of this platform like Mooro & Shamoon Ismail.

Too much hotness, packed in one song, the song is the latest talk of the town and people can’t stop hating it. However, we feel their should be room for margin and the youngsters should be spared and not be hated to this extreme of using harsh words. Liking & disliking is everyone’s right & making choices but disrespecting is a total naaaah. There are bigger issues and this one is just a song meant to entertain and well a yayyy or naaayy the song is trending for all the reasons !!!


Sania is a Fashion grad from AIFD. Blogging is what she loves doing.

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Sania is a Fashion grad from AIFD. Blogging is what she loves doing.

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