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Know her more: Dobara Famed Actress Sabeena Syed

Actress Sabeena Syed

Born in Moscow and raised in Karachi, Sabeena Syed is a Pakistani actress, model and former author. Syed started her acting career with television serials. Sabeena’s debut show was Hum TV’s romantic drama Yaqeen Ka Safar. She made her film debut with a supporting role in Parwaaz Hai Junoon. Her …

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Latest pictures of Kiran Ashfaq

Kiran Ashfaq Pictures

Who is Kiran Ashfaq? Kiran Ashfaq also known as Kiran Imran is an influencer, model, actress and a beauty blogger. Kiran has been associated and has been seen modeling for different brands. Kiran was also seen in drama serial “Khasara” alongside Mikaal Zulfiqar, Junaid Khan and Sarwat Gillani. Kiran Ashfaq …

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List Of All Live Transmissions To Watch In Ramadan 2021

ramadan transmissions

The Ramadan transmissions are being prepared at a frenetic pace by the networks. During the holy month, channels have carried a slew of top-notch hosts down the line. The transmissions are expected to begin on the first day of Ramadan and continue throughout the month. The trend of Ramadan transmission …

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Shan E Ramazan 2021 All Set Up To Spread Positivity

shan e ramazan

Ramadan is around the corner and so is Shan e Ramazan to bless up Ramadan. Ramadan is not only about Muslims refrain from eating, drinking from dawn until sunset. But it is also about how to control oneself in terms of hunger, bad deeds, anger, and a lot more. However, …

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Know him more: Emerging artist & classical sensation Aizaz Sohail

MEGH by Aizaz Sohail

Aizaz Sohail Early life, Music & More This classical sensation doesn’t boast a long privileged musical lineage, but rather narrates a very humbling journey of struggle, perseverance and hard work. Aizaz started singing at a very young age with the support of his mother. His musical career took off when …

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Know him more: The Punjabi rap king Bohemia aka David Roger

Saari Dunya by BOHEMIA

Bohemia: Childhood, Professional Life and more From living with friends on the streets, sleeping in cars and on recording studio floors in the US, this musician is now known as the godfather of desi Hip-Hop or Punjabi rap. Bohemia’s songs are celebrated so widely across the globe that his first …

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Know her more: Sehar Gul Khan – The emerging artist from Charsadda

Ishq da Kukkar by Sehar Gul Khan

Who is Sehar Gul Khan? Sehar Gul Khan, an emerging artist from Charsadda, has become a viral sensation within a very short span of time. Fascinated by music as a young girl, despite the odds of a girl pursuing a career in ‘entertainment’, it didn’t take too much convincing before …

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Know him more: Coke Studio famed much talented Singer-songwriter Mehdi Maloof

Mehdi Maloof Coke Studio

Singer-songwriter Mehdi Maloof became famous for all the deep, philosophical, existential songs he wrote and sang. Each one of his soul-baring songs reveals something new about the artist; from the heart-wrenching 1947 to the deeply existential Do Hi Rastey Hien. He won millions of hearts with his first performance in Coke …

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Know her more: The much talented singer Wajiha Naqvi

Wajiha Naqvi

Who is Wajiha Naqvi? With an academic background in cultural anthropology, Wajiha has pursued exploring a cultural and historical understanding of music. Deeply involved in music from a young age, Wajiha spent her time at school and college singing at gigs and concerts, as well as studying music through its …

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Know her more: The immensely talented singer Zara Madani

Zara Madani

Who is Zara Madani? Born in Bhopal, India, Zara has since childhood found herself listening to ghazals and other forms of classical music. At the age of 8, she moved to Pakistan and started formal training under Ustaad Akhtar Ali Khan Sahab, who belonged to Bhopal. Encouraged by her parents …

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