Honda CG 125 2024 Model Launched

After much anticipation, Atlas Honda Limited, the largest Motorcycle manufacturing company in Pakistan finally revealed the 2024 model of its best selling variant HONDA CG 125 earlier today 11th September 2023.

The Honda CG 125 2023 model was introduced in October of the preceding year, 2023, and it achieved remarkable sales figures throughout Pakistan. Year after year, the anticipation for the CG 125 continues to grow exponentially, with enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the latest iteration of their beloved powerhouse.

For the 2023 model, Honda’s CG 125 retains its familiar appearance from the previous year, with the only notable change being the introduction of a new sticker design. Since its initial production in 1992, the Honda CG 125 has consistently held its position as the most sought-after choice in the 125cc category. Its reputation is built on its exceptional durability, a dependable engine, and ease of maintenance. Moreover, the CG 125 boasts the highest resale value, a crucial factor for Pakistani consumers when purchasing any vehicle.

For riders, there’s an unparalleled connection to the array of sensations that come together to create the CG 125 experience. To capture that same essence of power and evoke the distinctive auditory signature, ATLAS HONDA is proud to unveil the all-new CG125 and CG125 SE models. These bikes continue to embody the unmistakable sound of strength and capability, delivering an unforgettable riding experience.

Honda CG 125 2024 Model Pictures & Videos

Honda CG 125 2024 Model Pictures & Videos
Honda CG 125 2024 Model Pictures & Videos

Honda CG 125 2024 Model Price

Honda CG 125 2024 Model is currently priced at Rs.234,900/- 

Honda CG125 Design and Features

Approaching the motorcycle, it becomes evident that the new CG125 surpasses the expectations. The front end exudes a sharp and aggressive aesthetic. Honda has endowed the kick-start CG125 with a lengthy 1204 mm wheelbase, lending it a distinctive long and low cruiser-like posture. Fortunately, the ground clearance stands at a commendable 132mm.

This power cruiser boasts a substantial 9.2-liter fuel tank capacity (with a 2-liter reserve). It maintains a dry weight of 100 Kg. One of the advantageous aspects of benchmarking is that Honda has chosen a motorcycle that has evolved into a modern style icon. However, it’s important to note that it’s not a mere replica of its predecessors. Honda has infused its own design elements, such as distinctive stickers, the fuel tank, and the taillights, and some of these exhibit a captivating quirkiness.

Honda CG125 Engine and Performance

The 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled engine delivers nearly 10 horsepower and 9.5 Nm of torque, establishing itself as one of the finest motorcycle engines in its class. The performance, thanks to the 56.5 x 49.5 mm bore and stroke, meets solid standards. Additionally, the 4-speed constant mesh transmission enhances top-end performance for an exhilarating experience on the open road. With the impressive combination of performance and rideability, it’s clear that the brand provides a harmonious blend of the best features from both ends of the spectrum.

Honda CG125: Riding Position

Straddle the motorcycle, and you’re instantly enveloped in the sensation of sitting atop a formidable powerhouse. This feeling is a direct result of the front suspension featuring a Telescopic Fork with 103 mm of travel and a Swing Arm with 68 mm of travel. The tire dimensions, both at the front (2.50 – 18, 4 PR) and rear (3.00 – 17, 6 PR), offer substantial width, demanding your utmost care when maneuvering through traffic to avoid brushing against someone’s rearview mirror.

Honda CG125 2024 Model: Should You Buy One

The Honda CG125 presents itself as a versatile motorcycle, delivering a distinctive experience at an attractive price point of Rs. 234,900/-. It boasts user-friendliness on the road, practicality for our local conditions, and a surprising level of fun factor. Currently, it stands unchallenged in its category, and if the company can maintain long-term reliability and provide excellent after-sales support, this motorcycle undoubtedly has the potential to continue elevating the brand’s reputation.

Do you have a passion for the Honda CG 125? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences regarding your Honda CG 125’s performance by leaving a comment below.

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