Highest TRPs Pakistani Dramas Of 2020:

Without a doubt, the Pakistani drama industry has evolved a lot and no one can deny this. However, the year 2020 had been the luckiest year for many new and old artists. There are many artists who gained popularity in 2020. However, it is not just the artists but the plot, content, and direction too which makes such dramas the highest-grossing one. Moreover, there are dramas which made to the highest TRPs Pakistani dramas of 2020. Let’s have a look at them.

Highest TRPs Pakistani Dramas Of 2020:

The success of a drama is a blend of finest artists, superb content, and devoted direction. These are the things which lead the content at the highest grossing and attain the maximum TRP. Here is the list;


Highest TRPs Pakistani Dramas Of 2020
Shows how impactful it is

Nand airs at 7 pm and it certainly gives ARY much-needed ratings on social media that they love to show. From the statistics that broadcasting a drama 4 times a week is working for the channel, it would not be incorrect to say. This one also has an incredibly negative character and a woman who is a victim, like any other drama that is on this list.

The drama mainly revolves around the character “Nand” who thinks she is right always and everyone must obey her. But what she forgets is that “Where there is a rise, there is a fall too”

Bandhay Ek Dor Se:

Highest TRPs Pakistani Dramas Of 2020
One of the recent TRPs

Bandhay Ek Dor Se is the comeback serial of Ahsan Khan and it is another love triangle. It has a star cast that is certainly the reason behind the ratings. While Bandhay Ek Dor Se’s ratings are not as good as some of the other dramas on the list, this drama is doing pretty well compared to all the other dramas airing on the same day. But still, it is among the highest TRPs Pakistani dramas of 2020.

It is a love triangle, where Ahsan’s character is being fooled by a mean girl Roshni – played by Hina Altaf. On the other hand, Mahi (Ushna Shah) is the treat to watch.


Surely scoring big

Sabaat seems to be doing comparatively better among all the dramas airing on HUM at the moment at 8 pm. The drama Sabaat led the spot more than once last month with TRPs that were not too high, but better than the ratings earned by the other dramas in the same time slot.

Also, Sabaat is giving us major life goals. It is showing the real ups and downs of life which is highly appreciated.


Highest TRPs Pakistani Dramas Of 2020
The most consistent in TRPs

Jalan may have been criticised on social media by individuals and PEMRA has also briefly banned it, but it is also the most watched drama right now. In reality, Jalan’s popularity skyrocketed when it was banned. This is yet another storey about two sisters competing over a guy who seems to be the general public’s favourite.

Like said that it is a story of two girls fighting for a man. The twist is that both girls are blood sisters. And Nisha is showing the evil side that any sister could ever imagine of.


Rising drama of 2020

Raaz-e-Ulfat is airing on Geo and has been earning more ratings lately than ever before. The TRPs have been higher than ever, ever since the storey took a tragic turn and a forced marriage was shown. At the moment, it is the most-watched drama series because individuals are completely engaged in the storey of Mushk.

After the immense success of Pyar Ke Sadqe Yumna Zaidi throws another breathtaking drama Raaz e Ulfat. Where she is not an obedient child and does not care about her parents. However, she had to pay for the consequences of this.


Highest TRPs Pakistani Dramas Of 2020
One of the bests of 2020

Meherposh is not rated as much as some of the other Geo dramas on this list, but it is way ahead of the game compared to the other channels. This is another one of those dramas right at the beginning of the storey that revealed a divorce and later took a romantic turn. It has also been full of tragedies that seem to be the drivers of ratings!

The real life power couple of Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are the main reason of listing Meherposh among the highest TRPs Pakistani dramas of 2020. The story is a straight love story but with many hassels.


TRP shows what it is

Another drama airing on Geo that is well ahead of the competition is Muqaddar. It is a story about the desire of a politician to marry a young woman and it has recently turned into a power struggle between his wife and his first wife! The people responsible for these ratings obviously love to watch women fight over a guy! No wonder this tactic is used by the creators to draw the viewers repeatedly.


Highest TRPs Pakistani Dramas Of 2020
Highest grossing soap

Umeed is a soap that has been on the air for many weeks. On all the other leading channels in the same time slot, it has also been receiving more ratings than any other drama. There was a time when soaps were not very welcoming to Pakistani audiences, but that does not seem to be the case now.


One of the best to watch

A few weeks ago, Uraan started and it’s still getting strong reviews. Uraan was on top of the TRP charts more than once last month. Another of the commercial dramas, which is basically a love tale, was Uraan. It is a drama that even those viewers who normally do not tune into Geo follow.


Highest TRPs Pakistani Dramas Of 2020
Miles ahead and heading to the best

Tarap is a 9-pm soap, and as the story took a tragic turn, it only recently began to get ratings. Tarap’s TRPs are not as impressive as some of the other dramas on the list, which shows that most of the dramas that either air on ARY or Geo gets a very high rating.

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