Fitna Episode 1: An emotional rollercoaster

Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster as ‘Fitna’ unravels, testing friendships, breaking bonds, and unveiling secrets. Fitna is a Momina Duraid production directed by Haseeb Ali and penned down by Seema Sheikh.

Catch the first episode now:-

Fitna Episode 1

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Fitna Episode 2 Promo

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Debuting on September 15th, ‘Fitna’ boasts a talented cast and centers around the enigmatic character of Warda. It will air daily on HUM TV. As the story unravels, brace yourself for a whirlwind of emotions, ethical quandaries, and surprising turns, making it essential viewing for aficionados of compelling narratives and outstanding acting. Suqaynah Khan’s portrayal of Warda is poised to make a profound impression on viewers, solidifying ‘Fitna’ as a must-see series of the season.

Renowned for her captivating acting skills, Suqaynah Khan is poised to captivate audiences once again in HUM TV’s upcoming drama series, “Fitna.” In this forthcoming project, Suqaynah embarks on the demanding portrayal of Warda, an anti-heroine characterized by unwavering determination. She has shared insights into her character, describing Warda as someone relentlessly pursuing love and victory, even if it entails betraying her closest confidant. Warda’s persona presents an intriguing fusion of intricacy and unpredictability, ensuring viewers an enthralling odyssey marked by unexpected twists and revelations.

Suqaynah Khan’s decision to become a part of the Fitna cast was swift and unwavering, driven by an instant connection to the script. She expressed her delight in collaborating with accomplished co-actors like Nadia Hussain and Umer Shehzad, a testament to the ensemble’s talent and potential chemistry on screen. Suqaynah commended the guidance and expertise of director Haseeb Ali, noting that her involvement in the project was a profound learning experience.


Sukaina Khan

Omer Shahzad

Shuja Asad

Maria Malik

Daniyal Afzal

Seema Sheikh

Haseeb Ali

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