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Eid shopping picks up momentum across country

Shopping malls and markets across the country are facing a huge rush of customers in the last moments of the Eid shopping spree as Eid-ul-Fitr, the largest religious festival of Muslims, is knocking at the door.

Citizens of all gender and age groups are thronging commercial centres, local area markets and shopping malls till midnight, said a report aired by PTV news channel.

Shopkeepers, mainly those catering to consumer goods, specifically clothing brands, jewellery shops, foot wears and artificial accessories were coming up with fresh and discount rate trendy stocks, said a shopkeeper at G-9.

“To add colour to the growing excitement among the public, many of the famous brand shops have arranged the application of henna for their customers on a complimentary basis to attract their female customer base,” said a citizen at Jinnah Super Market.

With eye-catching colours and designs of the latest clothes, a large number of people especially adolescents, were humming towards the malls to shop for items of their choice to complete their Eid collection, said a female customer.

Seasonal vendors in different markets, footpaths, and makeshift sales centres are also busy from morning to midnight as shoppers of all ages gathered there, said a pedestrian at I-8 Markaz.

Meanwhile, most shoppers also complained of overpricing, especially of women’s and kids’ wear.
Housewives were now rushing to markets for purchasing essential Eid-related items for their kids and themselves, said a vendor at F-6.

Women and children were especially enjoying the signature hustle and bustle of Eid, said the owner of a shop in I-10, adding the bangles and Peshawari, Balochi, Saraiki and Sindhi chappal outlets were also attracting a large number of shoppers including youth and girls in the city markets packed with a variety of imported and local garments and shoes.

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