Sar-e-Rah Episode 3: The serial hones in on the Social Media Trails of Society

The idea that women must fit a certain mould to be successful and valued, hyped up drama series ‘Sar-e-Rah’ yet again proved to be the ice breaker, taking the notice of stereotyping towards female social media influencers.

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Sar-e-Rah Episode 3

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Sar-e-Rah Episode 4 Teaser

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Rather than celebrating women who are successful in fields like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, our society often dismisses their accomplishments and deems them unworthy of respect or admiration. Bringing up this crucial phenomenon poising our society and the lives of women influencers, the popular series ‘Sar-e-Rah’ takes a dig at the orthodox mindset towards the workstream choices of women.

Posing fierce questions for the audience, Rania’s story is now unfolding the layers of every unique upcoming character. In yet again inspiring episode, the storyline took us towards the dilemma of harmful socio-cultural practices and argued over the family honour associated with the women’s choice towards her dreams.

This time, Rameen’s character shed the light on how females are discouraged to pursue their dreams if it doesn’t match with our stereotypical, double standards. Female social media influencers and celebrities are often subjected to moral policing and social media trials. On one side, these women also have to go through unnecessary hate, personal attacks on their appearances, and judgment about their life choices from people on social media, many a time.

Battling the same scenario, Rameen’s story also stressed the gloomy picture of cyber mocking and bullying which deteriorates a women’s pride, self-respect, dignity & image leading to disastrous impacts if not dealt with on time.

Within the story, with her fiance & soon to be husband by her side, Rameen was able to cope with the online troll which led to a destructive impact upon her social & personal life, but many such young women are out there in real life, burning out & breaking down. This phenomenon, known as “mocking of female social media influencers,” is concerning and harmful, both to the individuals being targeted and to society as a whole as it perpetuates gender inequality and reinforces harmful gender norms.

Touching the brilliance of positive scripting, such stories may lay the foundation to foster dialogue and send out the much-needed message regarding the toxic side of both, society and social media.

Earlier, during the launch promotion of this project designed by a development sector organization, Project designer & Media and Communication expert Shehla Rizwan opened up about the broader vision behind this phenomenal series.

“Grasping the essence of real life struggles faced by women in our culture, the drama series is actually designed to unfold the multiple layers capturing the fierce women who have dared to not let go,” shared Shehla, Executive Producer of the drama during her appearance in a morning show.

According to Rizwan, Sar-e-Rah is not just a plot to highlight social stigmas but an effort to “showcase the actual empowerment and equality pivotal for a progressive society”. Through a number of supporting stories that reflect various provinces, socioeconomic classes, and demographics, the drama weaves the themes of gender equality and social inclusion. Each tale reveals of how women cope with such baffling scenarios, without getting sympathy from others, just fighting in all conditions as they trek towards empowerment while navigating societal obstacles.

Breaking the stereotypical norms with grace and grit, Taxi driver Rania’s life on the roads is true to the ost lyrics, “Ye Zindagi Tu hai Safar” stating that our life is just like a road to travel where we meet not just simple human beings but the diverse stories which can mold & impact each other positively if we are brave enough to embrace them.

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