Dulhan Episode 1 In review : Has Amal Taken The Right Decision?

Hum TV always throws the numbers of power serials and this “Dulhan” will be one of these too. Because it looks so promising from its teasers. As the drama, Dulhan will give us a mix of emotions and certainly left us biting the nails. One of the key points of Dulhan is that it a cluster of the amazing star cast. And all of them will give us goosebumps. Here is what happened in Dulhan Episode 1 and is it worth watching?

Dulhan Episode 1:

Video Credits: Hum Dramas

Amal and Naushaba:

The two stepsisters of the most loving mother. However, Amal is the elder one and she works to run the household. Moreover, Naushaba is not very happy with her halfsister. She gets pissed because her mother values her even more than Naushaba.

Mikaal and Amal:

The power couple of Sami & Sumbul as Mikaal & Amal

The two leading characters of drama serial met in Dulhan Episode 1, isn’t that exciting? They both are studying in the same class and Mikaal has fallen in love with her. However, he is chasing her but she is a decent girl and does not pay much attention to him. Moreover, he continuously tries to talk to her.

Proposal For Amal:

The stepmother of Amal was fighting with her father that he always cares for Amal. And he does not think of Naushaba or Aisha. In addition, he said that Amal is the eldest daughter of this room therefore, it is her right to get married first.

Amal’s Stepmother Oath:

She took an oath from Amal that until Naushaba or Aisha would not get married or Adil may not get stable she will not get married. And under the pressure of love and feels she took the oath.

Mikaal Stalks Amal:

Mikaal is in love with Amal, so he is stalking her everywhere. He proposed her marriage but she strictly scolds him and he left with a powerful impact. However, his impact has left a charm in Amal.

Amal Refuses To Get Married:

Under the pressure of her mother, she refuses to get married and her father got angry but later agreed on it.

Mikaal’s Proposal:

Mikaal came with a proposal for Amal, but her mother wanted Naushaba to get married first. Therefore, she insulted them and threw them out of the home. The Dulhan Episode 1 is full of tragedy and suspense as we can see marriage confusion at the beginning.

Amal’s Father Apology:

When her father came to know about the proposal he felt sorry for Amal. And apologized for not standing for her rights.

Key Notes Of Dulhan:

As mentioned that one of the key points of Dulhan is that it a cluster of the amazing star cast. And all of them will give us goosebumps. And surely it gave the vibes. However, the drama Dulhan is revolving around the marriage issue of Amal.

Outstanding Performances:

As mentioned that the cast is very impactful and surely they gave an impact on the storyline. However, the drama is smooth and silent but still, the actors added the true meaning and colors into it. A standing ovation to all leading and supporting cast. Due to their outstanding performances, Dulhan Episode 1 is ranking at #3 on YouTube.

Dulhan Episode 1
Trending at #3 on YouTube

Dulhan Episode 2:

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Video Credits: Hum Dramas


Sami Khan
Sumbul Iqbal
Faizan Khawaja
Mashal Khan
Annie Zaidi
Shaheen Khan
Sheheryar Zaidi
Syed Muhammad Ahmed
Farah Nadir
Hina Shahid
Nida Mumtaz
Laiba Imran

OST of Dulhan:

Video Credits: HUM Dramas

Singer: Zaib Bangash
Lyrics: Sabir Zafar
Composer: Waqar Ali

Other Details:

Writer: Adeel Razzaq
Director: Adeel Siddiqui
Producer: Momina Duraid Productions

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