Ali Ansari’s Performance in ”Naqabzan” Is Worth Getting All the Appreciation

Naqab Zan is a new tv drama by Momina Duraid that has worked upon a very serious social issue of rape, violence and all the issues associated with physical abuse. Much of the drama revolves around how physical abuse affects the victims and the kind of trauma they go through on a daily basis.

The drama has an ensemble cast with Ali Ansari starring as Meerab, Saboor Aly starring as Dua, and Ali Abbas starring as Aamir.

Meerab’s character is very important in the drama as he plays the role of Dua’s friend who supports her in every way. Later in the drama when Dua reveals her dark past and tells Meerab all about her physical abuse, Meerab’s respect for her increases tremendously and his unshaken interest for her makes him fall in love with her. The scene where he gets down on one knee and proposes Dua was executed really well.

Personally speaking, I feel this specific scene was also a symbol of hope for our society to come out of the age-old shackles of treating a rape victim as the culprit. They deserve to be treated equally and they deserve to be loved.

The way Ali Ansari handles Meerab’s character in Naqabzan is something to admire because not only does he have to make his character stand tall from the rest, an important part of his role is making Saboor Aly’s character stand out with his role. Playing the character of a physically abused victim is a tough challenge but Ali Ansari’s support and careful acting alongside her has become the reason of a tremendous acting duo. Displaying a strong chemistry with Saboor Aly, Ali Ansari has managed to create a character that is lovable, sensible and trustworthy.

Ali Ansari has worked in a lot many dramas that have acclaimed huge successes. His list of acclaimed dramas includes great hits such as Khaani, Ghar Titli Ka Par, Naseebon Jali, Dino Ki Dulhaniya, Baba Jani and Seerat. His performance in Khani and Ghar Titli Ka Par have been spot-on while his acting in more recent dramas KamZarf and Dar Khuda Say have shown promising acting efficiency.

Even though his role in Naqabzan is very different from the kind of roles he has been playing previously, he is performing flawlessly in the drama.

Landing a critical role in Naqab Zan and carrying it in the most justified manner, Ali Ansari is right on the track towards a great future as he is finally getting all the appreciation he truly deserves.

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